The Toad from Morwood


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Hey Dan, long time! :)
Please sign me up on the list too, if there was one - super cute and absolutely adorable lil fella.

Good luck and can’t wait to hear and see more about it:love:
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Everythings coming up Milhouse!
Looks beautiful @Dan Morrison--I really dig the simple and subtle looks of the wood, washi, and oil paint! Also appreciate the short primer on what washi is!

I'm not very into/good at "drop" type sales, but I'll certainly keep my eyes peeled!


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A little late to the thread, but it was a nice surprise! These look good and the wrappings are pretty interesting. I do prefer the Nomad’s details and finish in most ways, but I would absolutely feel more comfortable sticking one of these in my pocket and taking it to more risky places, so I think they will be a great addition to the Morwood lineup!

I’ll definitely grab one when you get them out the door. I hope I can get one that fits the toads and mushrooms “vibe that's kinda playful, earthy... and conjures up images of forest dwellers going on little adventures in the undergrowth” description. :)

Great stuff as always!

I also have some stuff I’m about ready to send you...hope you find some of it interesting too! :popcorn:


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No list for this one. Everyone just has to fight me to the death for them.

Daniel Day Lewis Fight GIF by MIRAMAX

Melissa Mccarthy Fight GIF by Saturday Night Live
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Earthling flora is... fascinating.
I love finally being back into my hobbies and this being one of the first posts I see on my return. What a cute little Toad. I am still on the waitlist for nomad 2 but golly, is this a cutie. Definitely watching.

Dan Morrison

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Here's some side by side comparisons.

All of these glass stems are identical. They just stick out by slightly different amounts.







Here's a little test ride just for fun.

This is with the wood stem, no briar burl capsule.

This is a 1 hit, no stir, extraction test.

High heater, 3 second pre-heat, 15 second inhale. Holding the button down the whole time.

Here's the starting material. A medium - coarse grind.


Here's the material after the single test hit.


And a side by side.


Dan Morrison

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Splendid!! Does the back side of the load look just as evenly baked?
Yep! I forgot to mention that its an 11.2mm chamber diameter, with adjustable depth. Depth on this test was around 6mm. But you can increase depth to about the same as the diameter and you'll still get great penetration to the bottom of the chamber.

Dan Morrison

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I don't think I will do any sort of quick draw... I've done that style before with the Okins, and I feel like it's difficult to do fairly. Some people just use bots, some people are in different time zones... some people's internet is too slow. Doesn't feel fair to me.

So, y'all slow movers can rest easy, haha.

Update on the Toad front, haven't had any time to do much work on it, but I've been keeping up the testing of course! An interesting note is that my prototype of the Toad runs cooler than the Nomad 2. It's not enough to be noticeable in use, but using my meter I was picking up a clear difference in amperage using the exact same heater module between the two models.

This was super confusing, because the Toad has practically an identical circuit to the Nomad. The only thing that I changed was the effective AWG of the electrical path running down the back. On the Nomad this is a nice beefy strip of brass or bronze that runs down the back face of the body. In the Toad prototype I switched it out for a solid copper wire. Now... this wire is supposed to be OK to handle at least 10 amps, but for whatever reason it must be causing enough resistance to lower the amps. It's definitely smaller than the electrical path in the Nomad... but I didn't think it would make any difference at all based on my calculations. 🤓

The other difference is that I cut corners on this prototype and used soft solder instead of my usual silver solder. You would never think that this sort of change would make any difference... but perhaps it did.

Just goes to show that even though you think you have everything figured out, you really need to test things in the real world to figure out what's actually going on.... even the smallest changes can have unforeseen consequences.

Anyhow, I'll be making the next prototype with the OG beefy electrical path and silver solder joints.

Another interesting thing is that I've been able to keep a Nomad 2 on the shelf, untouched, for 7 months. And testing it against a freshly cleaned Nomad 2, it drew the same amps, which means it's running at peak performance.

This is very good news to me.... since I was really hoping that switching all of the contacts to brass (in place of bronze that was used for the Nomad 1's) would give better corrosion resistance to allow for less frequent cleaning. So, seems like that's the case.

Interestingly, I used solid 99.99% silver heater module contacts for this Toad prototype, and I'm seeing zero real world advantage. Actually, I'm seeing a disadvantage in that the softness of the silver is quickly showing wear marks. Probably nothing that would affect performance, but it's not very aesthetically pleasing.


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French frogs highly appreciate ... uh ... well I can't speak / croak for all frogs ... but I like it !!! 🐸
anyone who has these 3 jewels will have a serious problem ... they will inevitably be missing an arm ... or hold two in one hand while the other activates the last ...?

in short, not very constructive ... just "bravo, bravo, bravo, it's just beautiful, sublime and so desirable!"


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Sounds like y’all ready to start throwing fists to snag one of these so I may as well jump in the mix too! Been on the waitlist for a [dog's] age... maybe I’ll see this one sooner?

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