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Putin is a War Criminal


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Yeah, goin all robo all the time in the big Apple.
Bringin' back "Spot" for another try at winning hearts and minds.

New Yorkers bitched about Bill DeBunglio for years, and then went, "you know what....I bet we can go even weirder" and found the weirdest fuckin guy in the country and made him the Mayor.

Adams at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem wearing a "HUSTLE" bracelet. It's too good.



“Let your haters be your waiters when you sit down at the table of success.”-Mayor Adams


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Yours needs more stuff.


That's what i call "random littering" tbh. ;)
The other one just used all natural stuff so that's kinda cool but just dumping trash in a tree is far from "art" in my book... It will just keep on growing like any other illegal dump 'cause that what people do: if they see some random trash being dumped they feel compelled to add some of their own shit.
That there probably just started with some douche throwing his flat tire in the tree because he was too lazy and too human to take his filth with him in the first place. The rest is history. Go back next year and that tree will be covered..

human behaviour...

As opposed to animal behaviour (mandatory picture)

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