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Putin is a War Criminal

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The Hooded Lady is a female face sculpted in mammoth ivory, measuring just 1.4in / 3.6 cm high, 0.78in / 2 cm wide and 0.86 in / 2.2 cm thick. This head is not a fragment of a female statuette representing a whole body, but an intact work. Average dating of 30,000 years.

The eye is perceived by the viewer's imagination, thanks to the framework provided by the artist; this is one of the many choices of skilful and masterful abstraction made by the latter.

Manufacturing techniques
The incision - Hair squaring.
Perforation - A rough perforation appears to have been made to suggest the pupil of the right eye.
Scraping - The face was shaped by scraping, the traces of which can be seen on the forehead, cheeks and nose.
Polishing - Other areas, such as the neck, appear to have undergone gentle polishing.



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I hiked out to see a 60-foot waterfall today. It was beautiful out there!

Here's a smaller 20-foot fall that we passed on the trail along the way. It was still pretty!

Oh yeah, and I was using my Toad, with rosin in degummed hemp fiber along this trail :smug:
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Putin is a War Criminal
That's some pretty silly stuff right there. In America, wearing a beard or other facial hair has no religious or social significance, and is merely a matter of fashion. Many Americans wear beards, mustaches and sideburns. The fact that an American president has not worn a full beard since Benjamin Harrison at the turn of the 20th century has merely been a matter of choice.


Regarding Obama's tan suit, I'm not sure where you've been, but if you were paying attention at all it should be clear that an American president can be attacked politically for getting out of bed in the morning and often is. In the case of the Obama presidency, the Republican Party was so extremely frustrated by the fact that there were no scandals or misbehavior that they could point at to get political points, they chose to pick on his wearing a tan suit, which they thought was out of fashion in the season he wore it, as an attack. Every comedian in America, and likely in other countries as well, had a field day with the impotence and feebleness of this attack.


Frankly, I thought he wore it quite well. :lol:


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Put together bits from Reddit:

Rainbow seen from an airplane

Rainbows are actually circles. The center is directly opposite the position of the sun in the sky, this is called the antisolar point. A full circle is visible from a higher vantage point, usually a plane and is sometimes called a ‘glory’.


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@Bologna what is that pic from? That's Peter Anspach from one of my favorite bands of the past few years, Goose. And I see Trey on the left and could that be a Mr. Bobby Weir on the far right?
Taboose (Trey Anastasio Band with Goose)
I believe the current jamband vernacular defines that as being or getting "Goosed"..... ha!

Les Claypool too! (he deserves mention!)

I posted that just for you, buddy...:tup:

(From a dying old music forum I somehow still manage to visit occasionally)
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