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Daydreams are OK
Fake news?

Ukraini “dolphins” spotted off Crimean Kerch Strait bridge ;);)
(a thumbs up to seal @Ramahs)

Meanwhile, unsuspecting upended Russian lorry driver said his home was throughly ransacked after the bridge got creamed, according to one news source....

Meanwhil, cat 1 Julia makes Nicaragua landfall, tracked to become a Pacific disturbance by Monday

Just another Sunday morning in autumn, 2022 on Planet 🌏 gone slightly wild
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Daydreams are OK
SPOT on! Got it.

ESA’s GIAI sky mapper snaps its new neighbor @ L2, a mil kilometer or so away in Feb 2022

Webb is the slightly elongated spot at the center of the large frame, the other 3 specks are high energy particles captured during. the 2.5 sec CCD exposure.

Green circle is a passing earth 🌎 sat.

Gaia dispatched @ Earth L2 in 2014, and Webb in January 2022.
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