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Jumpstarting Spring
A Summer to remember.

It aint just chipmunks,

And squirrels

That are splooting.

Heat dumping was the new craze this past heat Summer of 2022

An adaptive puppy dog

Sacramento cracked a near century record of 114 degrees by two degrees (116) last week, during the West’s
heat dome alert. Add heat index....

& we are ready to down a jug of cool New England apple cider
( Death Valley, hottest September 127 degrees to remember, if you were hydrated ) :cheers:
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Crosseyed & Painless
Every step caused the sand to light up blue. That glow was bioluminescence -- a blue radiance that also lights the surf in this surreal scene captured at Meyer's Creek Beach in Oregon. Volcanic stacks dot the foreground sea, while a thin fog layer scatters light on the horizon. The rays of light spreading from the left horizon were created by car headlights on the Oregon Coast Highway, while the orange light on the right horizon emanates from a fishing boat. Visible far in the distance is the band of our Milky Way Galaxy. Sixteen images were added together to bring up the background Milky Way and to reduce noise.


Jumpstarting Spring
Nightscape over Death Valley

As a child, where others saw Orion the hunter, I saw the head of Pegasus, being imaginative .

Or perhaps I had seen one too many Mobil signs, back in the day

They were everywhere, then
An icon of the 20th Century
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