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Watts up, Mate?
The tropics of England should be quite toasty in the next few days as the heat dome stabilizes over cranky olde England, and the rest of heat exhausted Yourope.

Sunday-Monday will be Havana like sleepless nights as daytime temps could reach up to 104 degrees Farenheit, basking over the past July 2016 record of 102 F.

The gardens in the tropics of Cornwall



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NOver a century later, a hidden early self-portrait of Van Gogh emerged when an art conservator serendipitously took
An X-ray of the back of another picture (1885) by the iconic Dutch master.

Left ear intact.:)

Summer Sunflower Fields forever

Is it remotely possible that the Ukrainian colors were inspired by the sunflowers and blue skies of Van Gogh. TAK?

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Whose afraid of the big, bad heat dome that the MET forcasted.

Not these resourceful, bin diving lads from London, to Manchester!

RIP, 104 F degrees come Sunday, shure beats buckets out of motoring to Costa del Dole, Brighton!

Brighton Beach, on a warm day

Dive bin, the water is cool!

Reaching the century mark
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Took this the other day while golfing...time to go in!

Who said you can't grow apples in Central Florida! My first apple harvest from my 3 year old, not even 6 foot high, apple tree (Anna variety). Currently have two others showing first signs of apples, a Summer Rambo, and a King David variety...looking forward to see how those come out (all the trees are the same age).


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59° C translates to 138° F, with roofs melting, and roads buckling. In China


Meanwhile, in England, the MET Office is forecasting 40°C ( 104° F ), wrapping Hammersmith Bridge in foil,

and painting miles of rails white, in an overabundance of caution.

Bearing the heat. What global warming....

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:cheers:Hitting the road, with Boris

Downing another one, for the road! #10

Meanwhile, back in the USA, the weather pattern has turned turtle

Advoid these green skies over the Dakotas ( oyour Tesla may be pummeled silly by golf size hail )
So goes the lore

Meanwhile, back in space, what do you get when you mix the different colors of the spectrum, from multi
Dedicated observatories

Image from WST, Hubble, and Subaru observatories of Stephan’s Quintet (300 MLY), minus NGC7317
Is it possible foreground galaxy NGC7320 i(@ 40 MLY) is actually another merger in progress

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Alway thought Earth was special because its magnetic field created “MAGIC” auroras over the poles.

Looks like colorful Jupiter too has a magnetic field ( not to mention thin impact-flung-debris-field rings )


Hubble visual image spectrum
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.Above......Obligatory image
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Errie red skies lit up the night over an Aus outpost

Paranormal? Aliens?

Closer inspection, turns out to be from red growlights from a secret cannabis “glow” room.... ;)
Seems someone forgot to pull the blinds down....

Just noticed @vapviking posted this early on, sorry for the “double” post must been alien pot
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