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Just so people are prepared, lots and lots of images in this thread, and all over the internet, will soon disappear as people delete their twitter accounts and their old tweets. One can close their account or just stop using it without deleting their old posts, but many will want to make a "clean break" from the bird and it's new boss...

Many of my posts in here are links to twitter posts.


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and to think that I saw it on India Street ...


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The photo is a few years old. This is Rocky (clownfish) & Bullwinkle (royal gramma). I used to joke that they would outlive me. But it’s really not a joke anymore! :uhoh:

Bullwinkle died a few years ago, he was at least 17 years old. Rocky is still going strong, and I’ve had her for over 22 years now. I have no idea how old they were when I purchased them.



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Francis used to bully Ezio... who while a truly aggressive bird would be fearful of mighty little Francis.
It's the opposite now. Cornelius is a loving gentle soul, but does not like sharing the affection with Francis... and chases Francis off every chance he gets.
My loving oldest child Francis has learned that he is safe on my head... It's a zone that Cornelius does not venture to!

I use a rechargeable toothbrush.
Dusty's brush is battery powered.(No human toothpaste for the K9!)



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A short video but of genuine thanks from this big beautiful boy that we love here at the farm so deeply. I saw him soaking in the sunshine this morning on his armchair looking out over his family so lovingly. Closing his eyes with such contentment when his mumma comes in to give him a scratch. Freddo is in his heaven. He doesn’t give his past a second thought anymore. His Mumma still does. I got a bit of a lump in my throat just seeing him and thinking about it all and more … and wanted to share it with you too. Freddo; once a dog that no one wanted time and time again. Now a dog I just can’t imagine living my life without. Just wish we’d met a little earlier in your life. But it’s never too late right. There’s so many Freddo’s waiting in a shelter or rescue right now, if you are at all considering opening your home and heart to a dog, please consider adopting. They’re all just as special and loving as Freddo, Shadow, Maggie, Barney, Rosco, Banjo, Matilda, Rosie, Chance, Nevaeh, Hope, Lily, Joey, Tilly, Miss Violet, Miss Red, Tank, Chopper and Rover. If Freddo could talk, his thankfulness would surely extend to you all for helping his mum and dad this year give him this great and wonderful life he lives, as well as the many other dogs that have come from similar situations to him who also live this amazing life. Thank you for the food that has been sent, the bedding, the shade, the treats, the squeaky pigs, the coats, the bow ties, the sunscreen, the blankets, the towels, the books, the collars and so much more. Thank you for watching the videos that pay for the care and the costs. Thank you for the positivity that is sent everyday that fuels us and is passed on in warm loving energy to each dog, each and every day. Thank you to those that have contributed to medical and alternative therapies to help the dogs in our care that need the extra care. Thank you to those that have sent Super Thanks on our YouTube videos, no matter how small, it really helps. Thank you to our behind the scenes and training members that are truly nothing less than the backbone in support for the farm. We, two and four legged, truly thank you all.


Cornelius final Vet visit is done... it took 2.5 hours, and he's doing great. I have tried to get candid shots of his beak, but he seems to know what I'm up to and makes photography tricky by always turning to his unaffected side when I am about to snap a photo.
This was him prior to the procedures:

As you can see the Gnathotheca had a great extension and a very sharp point as well as a razor sharp edge.
The blade has been blunted so it no longer scrapes the tongue, and the pointy edge has been muted and reduced by 35% so it does not get stuck when he eats, and can no longer hook itself on the cage, or clothing:

Close up you'll see some reddened tissue at the base of his tongue, from the measurement of where the removal was to stop.
In the second picture one can more clearly compare the removed 35% to the top image.
The actual point of the lower beak has been removed so the top and bottom no longer meet so that he can eat without placing undo force on the entire reduced lower structure:

He's eating well, and I no longer must bite or tear each piece of food for him. He is holding it in his talon, and ripping it by himself, as he munches away with impunity.

He still is joyful, and affectionate, and still loves to cuddle and dance!
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