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Cornelius got to see the Veterinarian on Friday.
We put the procedure off for a couple of weeks. It was sort of a rehearsal, during which
we got the bird comfortable with the location and Dr. and he got to come home without any fuss.
My Mac is getting old and developed a speaker rattle , so I used a voice-over and added it to
this video, as I could not test the sound out.
You can see he came home and felt very safe!
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Oh No! Mr macbill!!
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Cornelius posing separately with each of his new brothers.
4 males live here!
I love my family a bunch!


My Mac is getting old and developed a speaker rattle
Problem resolved without fixing or replacing anything!
In the front room is my 15" TV which has almost no sound.
I got a sound bar 10 years ago for that TV so the birds would have sound.
By a quirk of fate, the jack for the sound bar to plug into stopped functioning on the day after the computer sound went out.
That little TV is there for the birds to have movement and sound.
The sound bar jack fits into my computer, and now my computer sounds normal!
I can now use the computer to make videos again AND test audio on the vids.
I can leave the TV on for visuals, and simply turn the sound up on the computer for sound for the birds!
PLUS, I can watch movies on Tubi on the computer and adjust the sound with the sound bar remote from where Dusty and I sit on the bed.
Ain't life grand?
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We've got a "beak procedure" lined up this week... potentially on 3 different days.
A patient and understanding Veterinarian is wanting this sensitive little guy to be at ease... which puts me at great ease.

I just adore this little guy!.....................................................................I love 'em both!
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Cornelius was in the bedroom, with the computer on. He thought I was busy as water was running in the kitchen. He did not see me videoing him as he listened to the music. I used a zoom lens from the angle that I could see. That is the reason the lighting was bad.
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