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I think a Mighty+ is delayed because of current conditions. It reminds me of this new handheld CB radio from President that shows to be 'coming soon' for quite a while. There's no other obvious reason why that CB would be delayed so long, and it appears people are searching google for a release date for that.
S&B seem to have learned some lessons from the pre-covid Volcano Hybrid release issues, and may have decided it would be unwise to proceed currently.
I am also open to the possibility that they could stick with the current line up and not do a Mighty+, as they now have most bases covered, but as I have shown here previously, they (under Stobi GMBH) did register the name Mighty+ as a trademark around the same time as the Crafty+ name. Along with other uses of the name and website placeholder titles etc.

I don't know if I'll ever get that CB radio, but if I'm sitting somewhere with it one day, with a Mighty+ I will smile and think of all the waiting patterns and global problems we were in one time.

I'm on about page 423 and having fun reading thru the thread. There was talk of a Mighty 2 or + but I wouldn't do that if I were S&B. Making a Mighty 2 would imply that The Mighty was inferior. And it's not. It's pretty much perfect I would say. Really enjoying using the capsules. I made my very first 'sandwich' with herb/concentrate/herb and it was delightful. Unbelievably good. And what's really nice is the capsule is still as clean as can be. I vape pretty steady at about 185, and get 2 to 3 heatings with each capsule.

I wanna know the truth. Is there anyone here that plugs the Mighty in, then the wall plug, and then unplug the Mighty, then the wall plug? Really? :rolleyes:


It's close to perfect vapor production and quality, but unfortunately (in my experience anyway) the plastic cracked each time around the bowl top after about two years of my use. The Crafty+ boasts new improved housing material, and if it works, I'd like that on a Mighty/+.
Also they got the Crafty+ heating around 20% faster than before and that is now faster than a Mighty, a new Mighty has the potential to be even quicker again and I might like this.
There is an increased punch to the vapor in a Crafty+ from the new element placement and a new Mighty could do even more than this if needed.
And by making a Crafty+ they may have admitted that the Crafty was inferior, but it didn't stop them going ahead with it. So it still may be possible!?

HomerShwag said:
I’ve been doing it since day 1 in April 2015, not every single time, but most. I don’t leave the charger plugged in when not in use, and if S&B somehow thinks this is the ideal way to charge the device, then I will go with their instructions. All I know is that my device is still going strong after 5 1/2 years, battery is maybe 50% of the original capacity.

I also did it a lot and started doing it with my phone and tablet. I believe, besides arcing on the connections of the high current load which was the most common assumption for the instruction, it avoids a fire risk (think wire wool on a battery, and they do supply SS wire wool pads in the box too) and it might avoid the user getting a false charging signal, like when unplugged it would show the residual power initially and you think it's charging?.


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Big shout out to Andrew and the PIU team! As usual, their CS had been outstanding!

I've been eyeing the official SB capsule filling set for some time after picking up the first Delta3D set. I have about 60 capsules and fill 30-40 at a time when the Mighty is in that weeks rotation. USPS lost the first open box set I bought and they threw in extras for the inconvenience, which want their fault and I want feeling.

Felt the need to pick up a new HT just because, should be a fun week!


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Anyone with a newer mighty also have this bar in the heater?

Just received warranty replacement from a 2 year old unit and that bar definitely wasn't there on my old one.

How does the plastic look and feel? Any different? That would be hilarious if they were sending out the newest units without anouncing them!

And, I'll buy one now before there's a price hike!

Play with it, how fast does it heat up?


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Anyone with a newer mighty also have this bar in the heater?

Just received warranty replacement from a 2 year old unit and that bar definitely wasn't there on my old one.

By the picture it also seems like the bowl is entirely made off mesh screen ? Or is that an optical illusion ?
I bought my Mighty on 420 this year , i don't have that barre and the mesh screen is only on the bottom of the bowl (plain aluminium for wall).


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I'm sure the screen comes out it is the same chamber screen as my old mighty. I don't really want to try because I have no need, and it is always a pain to mess with that screen.

The plastic could be different, I'll have to compare to old one and report back.

Also the walls are still the same, that's just the reflection because it so shinny in there.

Hmm guess I'm in uncharted territory here. I'll be your scientists but the mighty is often to much for me so I don't use it much, guess I have to though.


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Anyone with a newer mighty also have this bar in the heater?

Just received warranty replacement from a 2 year old unit and that bar definitely wasn't there on my old one.

Maybe contact S&B with the photo?
It could be some remnant of assembly process?

Can you check to see if the 8 chamber holes are any larger than on the old Mighty (if you still have it...)? Some Crafty+ owners think the holes have gotten larger.


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Yeah I have emailed them, because I thought the same as you.

And yeah I can do some comparisons with the old guy at some point.

I was curious so I took the screen out.

Seems like a manufacturing mistake, just a super thin piece of metal, likely aluminum. Not sure what the point of it is supposed to be in the manufacturing process or why it was left in, but glad I removed it, seems thin enough that I might have vaped it which I don't want.

Also a second picture of the holes and heater for anyone asking.


happy camper....
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Just pondering if it would actually be worth S&B making a Mighty+ with the USB C port on it... I mean it would be cool but there are USB C cables that can charge laptops and I've even built my own that will charge the Mighty from a USB C power bank*.

The Mighty charges from mains and there's also a 12v car cable available. What I would love to see over redesigning a vape around a different power port is a simple cable that works with USB C and works with my OLD Mighty's as well as any speculated NEW one.

*Found info on reddit - intermediate electronics exp[erience recommended. DOES NOT PROVIDE PASS THROUGH
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