The Lotus Vaporizer


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Jack your method saves time and gas. time and money. why isn't that good? it's awesome!
the method of heating from 'x' coordinate and spin in 'z' coordinate doesn't contribute to the convection equations like q=mdot cp dt or q=a u dt nothing other than higher velocity - in q=audt the U thing is different now...and dt..... well... you don't need to preheat now, saves time, on-demand for real...


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i was literally just saying the other day in the Castle thread

“It would be really cool if a situation like what happened with Rene finding the perfect suitors for Vapman also happened with the Lotus”

And here we are. Fuck this is exciting. As someone who felt like this vape wasn’t for me at the time it was being made, I’ll now get a chance to try the legend.

I have a sneaking suspicion that David and Micheal saw me say that in the other thread and thought to themselves “he’s onto something” :spliff:
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Lotus is coming back!
Vapman, based in the EU, has decided to add the Lotus to its vape line-up and is enthusiastically working to make that happen.
More info later.

Fantastic news, congratulations!!

We are all the winners here :cheers::spliff:

@anasrzi fyi Great idea, glad they could do it, these two vapes go so great together!


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I'm very excited for this. It was too late for me when I realised I wanted to try one. I'm hoping for a vapman lotus bundle 'cos I need to try one of those too lol.
You owe it to yourself!
So the plate wears out?
They do but I think they must last pretty well. We all went into a panic over them at the time so I snagged a couple, but I'm nowhere near needing to replace one, afaict. I use mine sparingly...well, I did. Now I'm gonna use it whenever I damn well feel like it!
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