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Wake and bake with the Maxx driven by the CC Omega. Light spin/tamp to level, not pack.


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Anyone got a link to a buy a replacement 14mm glass elbow adapter?, the one that comes with the Hydromaxx, broke it today T.T and looking for a cheap replacement. Thanks!


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my method for the Flip I am new to the Flip so this was my process triple flame torch + restriction disk up = more control but still getting a hot spot and was combusting about every 4th bowl trying to get a darker roast from it (i need to RTL, trying to quit combustion). My solution = a tightly twisted length of 316L SS 24g coil wire bent into a small W that i squeeze together and insert into the post of the re-stricter then assemble post up. with this set up i have even better control the air flow is just slightly tighter (not enough to make a difference to me). No more hot spot. I load 1/2 to 2/3 of a bowl and slightly level (not a hard pack just level) and get even roasting and complete extraction in (4 hits on a j-hook and 2 hits on a waterpiece) with a stir and re-level between each and twaxing with this set up is so effective. with the twisted wire inserted i really have to push it to get charring or hot spots and am consistently getting dark chocolate AVB.


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Holy fuck, I am wrecked

I do believe I dialed in my Maxx just now, it was a decent amount of 45% infused weed... But holy fuck, I am wrecked.

As much as I love the ease of my TinyMight, it falls short of the bowel loosening raw violation I just experienced courtesy of the Maxx just now.

I have a Micro v4 and love it, fuck does it punch far above its weight, but it too is not on the same level.

Yeah... Bit of a scorch 💩


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Thank you very much @Retrosteam , that's all my Runt is missing :peace:

Next purchase for me a custom glass MP for my Runt by High Artisan, it's superb.

Oooh those custom mouthpieces are wonderful. I just picked up one of their 2nds/imperfects thanks to you!

I've wanted a custom stem for a long time and this one just spoke to me, especially for the price. Pictured is their brick and promo photo, not mine :)


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Yeah, I think it's great that craftsmen are starting to offer us original mouthpieces for sticky brick, that's all I've been waiting for. I'm happy, I'd like to see a lot more of it :brow:
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