Seeking ROSIN knowledge. Everything I squish is green?


Hey guys! Greetings from Toronto here

I went the DIY route as a belated Christmas gift to myself and bought a 10 Ton hydraulic press and two really well made (Canadian made) plates (don't want to say the company name as he isn't looking for new customers right now, I need to check with him first) and cannot figure out why literally everything I squish is colored green.

Other users with seemingly the same setup as me, are producing golden yellow while mine is always coming out green..

I am pre-pressing little pucks, around 1-2 grams, and squishing them between parchment at various temps. Without bags right now, because we are out of bags. But I should add, the bags didn't do anything to resolve the green tint, just obviously contained all of the plant matter though

I know it may be easy to question the weed - but hear this, I have tried over 10 strains of flower from all kinds of professional growers including 4 current strains direct from Temple of Calyx.. I've just simply tried way too many AAAA flowers at this point for there to be a problem with all of them. Unless it's something to do with my moisture levels on all of them? But how can that be, considering some are kept in mason jars with boveda, some are just loose and exposed to the air, some are just in ziplocs, etc.

How do I troubleshoot this? Where do I begin?

I have no background with this and it's purely a hobby in my home basement, so I'd really appreciate any starting points with this even!

And as I said, the part I'm having trouble comprehending is why other people with the exact same plates as me, squishing the exact same way (tiny pre pressed pucks with NO bags) are making these insanely beautiful golden honey colored rosins while mine are always green.. what gives, man!

Thank you all very much for reading this giant wall of text, lol.. would happily take as many pics as needed, would be cool to document the troubleshooting of this to help future users as well



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Is your herb properly cured and dried? Any time I seen anyone do a press they use low heat and always get yellow/Amber/golden. I know a lot of videos I seen are with hair straighteners. But what you are using is more high tech and probably better. Sorry I don't really know the answer. I press kief in a hair straightener. But I always use a tea bag to hold my shit.


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One time my rosin was green. But it was a strain that was really dark in color and a strong diesel scent. It was a dark green oil that was not easy to collect up from the parchment for some reason.


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Only times I got green rosin (one time green shatter!) was pressing scissor hash. Came out green every time.

When working with flowers I never got a green tint to things. Only thing I can imagine is the material being very very fresh, but according to your comments that does not seem to be the case...

Talking colours, how about certain strains giving pink Rosin? I had a strain doing that, consistently...What terpene might be responsible for that? The specific strain is called Black Jack, a clear Jack herrer pheno.

@herbivore21 how about that, pink resin/rosin? Any experience of yours that is similar?

And the BHO made with same material also had a distinct pink hue to it.

But, unless the material being used was to fresh, I cannot think of any other reasons for it to be green.

What temp are you pressing? Try to keep the temp as low as possible....


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I was just wondering about this myself today. All the rosin I have pressed has ranged from virtually clear, to a dark golden amber. I've never had anything produce a green tint. If I had to guess it would possibly be from using uncured material. A live resin rosin if you will.

There is one dispensary that I go to sometimes and their rosin almost always has a green tint. I bought some once and it was good but I find the color off putting and haven't purchased any since. Now I stick to the shatters and live resins which are much better quality in my opinion. I'll try to remember to ask about the green rosin next time I'm there.
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