1. H

    Rosin press bags UK

    Finally some good quality rosin press bags. I have added the ohdaze rosin press bags sitelink below; I wish if Ohdaze can also provide the parchment paper as a separate pack. Wondering if anyone here, have tried these ohdaze rosin bags? yield seems...
  2. topshelfmids

    Best rosin press for beginners?

    I've heard a lot of good things about this forum on reddit, this is literally my first time on this site so excuse the poor format. I'm getting more interested in solvent less methods and rosin especially, what's the best press for beginners? I'm leaning towards the DabPress 6 Ton, seems like...
  3. LesPlenty

    AIRISTECH airis Headbanger Wax Vaporizer Dip&Dab 2in1 Vape Pen Kit

    I have had my Headbanger for about a month and am finding it quite flavorful. I purchase a kit (Bundle5) plus an extra 6 x dip coils from Alibaba, I do not use water in the mini bubbler as I...
  4. S

    Gear Parchment paper brands and qualities for rosin pressing

    As I still often tear apart my no-name parchment paper when pressing rosin, I wonder what brands of paper you use? I always use two layers to make sure. I would like to establish a list of paper brands that work fine and point out the brands that have paper that is too thin or tears up fast...
  5. S

    Dab sizes: BB, rice grain, etc. how big are they?

    Hello fellow dabbers, I often read suggestions for dab sizes for different dab apparatuses, like rice grain or "BB" sized. While I get about how big a rice grain (uncle ben's, sticky rice, risotto rice, etc.) is, I somehow never got what "BB sized" is. I googled BB sized and found explanations...
  6. BabyFacedFinster

    Post-Processing Rosin - Your wish, after the squish

    I am hopeful that this becomes a helpful thread for the growing number of rosineers out there. Knowing that concentrates come in many forms, from sap to shatter and wax to diamonds. Rosin can also be found in many different forms. From very little experience and a lot of reading I learned...
  7. TheResistance

    Cheapest DIY Rosin Press That Works!

    DIY Press Main pieces: 1" wide Revlon hair straightener from walmart- $20 2 ton jack from walmart- $10 JB Weld(2 tubes in package, 500 degree operating temperature)- $5 Scrap metal/new steel 2 pieces of thin wood the dimensions of the plates. This is how...
  8. TheResistance

    Cheapest DIY Rosin Press That Works!

    DIY Press Main pieces: 1" wide Revlon hair straightener from walmart- $20 2 ton jack from walmart- $10 JB Weld(2 tubes in package, 500 degree operating temperature)- $5 Scrap metal/new steel 2 pieces of thin wood the dimensions of the plates. This is how...
  9. FlashVAPE

    FV Rosintech: driptech presses for paperless rosin production and more!

    FlashVAPE is proud to present FV Rosintech FV has been in the 420/710 game since 2012, and is still one of the best portable electronic dab rigs for concentrates such as rosin. As many members know, rosin is made from pure mechanical extraction, through the application of heat and...
  10. A

    Winterizing Rosin?

    Hi, We all love dab Rosin, but, for making oil for medicine ( mixing cannabis oil with coconut oil or olive oil) I'm tinking to make canna capsules or " cannabis oil dropper" using Rosin as a base. But is better to winterizing Rosin or use staigth rosin?
  11. Cannabis-Hardware-Ed

    NewVape Rosin Press Products

    I'd like to introduce NewVape's latest Universal Rosin Press Plate System with a closed loop controller. These plates fit any hydraulic shop press with a mounting arbor measuring 1" - 2". We consider these plates to be 2nd generation as they are built using aluminum for the heat transfer and...
  12. Werk II

    New rosin presses - Made in Germany

    Hi, I'm Frank from Germany. How my friend @Hogni has announced in some other threads on FC I'm actually working in developing rosin presses for different needs for the European market. From small DIY heat controlled plates for personal stash up to large high pro commercial presses with 100t...
  13. R

    Qwiso Frustrations

    So I'm sitting here with my final product and its gooey as all hell at room temperature. Freezing it in a zip lock makes it to where I can handle it at least. The iso has completely been evaporated but it's still just.... goo. Although I smoked a bit and I am blazed, I'm disappointed in this...
  14. T

    Pnuematic Home Presses - What is the advantage?

    Advice - Observations needed. My pneumatic press seems to heat great ... how do I tell how much pressure is really being exerted "AT" the plates. The press gauge reads in MPa, the compressor is 150PSI. However, there is no way to gauge the actual force between the heated platens. From the...
  15. duckdown

    Seeking ROSIN knowledge. Everything I squish is green?

    Hey guys! Greetings from Toronto here I went the DIY route as a belated Christmas gift to myself and bought a 10 Ton hydraulic press and two really well made (Canadian made) plates (don't want to say the company name as he isn't looking for new customers right now, I need to check with him...
  16. shark sandwich

    Handmade Botanical Extraction Blocks

    I've recently completed development of the third iteration of my botanical extraction blocks. This is the first version that has been made publicly available. Each block measures approximately 1.5"x2.5"x4" (The pressing area is approx. 2.5x4) These are hand crafted from the best materials...

    Tek Hops + Weed rosin

    Has anyone pressed rosin from hops and then mixed with weed? I'm curious as to how it might affect flavor profiles. Being a cousin of cannabis, I'd like to think that hop terpenes could meld well with cannabis terpenes.
  18. H


    I know I'm not the only noob who has asked this advice, but I have a few questions for the FC community that I figured you cats could help me out with. 1) All I have access to is a u smooth straightener & the lowest the temp will go is 250F, however it has a digital adjust temp & will go up to...
  19. J

    Custom Copper Nickel Vise and Arbor Jaws For Rosin Tech.

    Hey guys and gals, I am testing the waters here to see how much interest there is in custom made rosin jaws for Vises and Arbor presses. All made from 90/10 copper nickel designed for rosin tech extraction. For those with a small dedicated rosin vise, I can make blocks that get glued in...
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