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just found my current favorite - Strawberry Haze!

This, by pure coincidence, is the strain that brought me back to using cannabis after a 25 yr. layoff. I broke down while at a festi (with wife and two young kids - long story big mistake) to see a loved band several years back. The couple across from our campsite were hawking bud constatnly, announcing it to everyone who walked by. When the coast was clear I wandered over and purchased what ever it was they were selling. Happened to be Srawberry Haze. Got a gram. It confirmed my committed return to cannabis. Haven't seen it since but I'm always on the lookout.

I'm a little over a year with my med card and have had a good look around at the offerings in my area. I started seeking the highest percentage sativa strains I could and eventually came to find that the 70/30 ratio (sativa to indica) is where I like things. My favorites to date are Lamb's Breath, Jack 47, MTF. All three great daytime choices, for me at least. Love Golden Goat also but it recently got bounced from the top three.

My experience with GG4 is that it leans indica. A little too much so for me.
There are almost no pure sativas around anymore. But effects are what I seek. Jack Herer is a classic head high. I’ve been backyard growing and my son suggested finding some TrainWreck seeds. Man! Arcata TrainWreck is the real deal. Citrus and pine terpenes in abundance (Loud!) producing a soaring head high. Best grow ever. And I have more seeds for this years grow.


Do you grow plants? If so, look for good sativa in Ace seeds
Nah, I’d put it in the same class as White Widow, Super Lemon Haze, Jack Herer, etc. it’s not really a true Sativa IMO it’s just older genetics with a more unique cannabinoid spectrum than a bunch of the modern Cookies blowouts.

I see a real Sativa maybe once per year if I’m really lucky. Last one I tried was from some European dude who grew and washed his own plants into bubble hash cause he can’t find real sativas. Wish I had some more of that!


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I had some Durban Poison last year and really enjoyed it. True it is so hard to find close to pure sativas here in Massachusetts. A current strain I have is Honolulu Strangler which has some Hawaiian genetics in it and while I enjoy it the crystals/resin on it is weak.

Wishing I was growing some Ace genetic material. Agreed that the profit motive at dispensaries sucks for Sativa lovers.
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