Discontinued Peace Vaporizer by Triihouse


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Wazzup @1_gr8_underdog ! haha.

Hey everyone.

First off, thank you.

All your patience and understanding of this small mom and pop is invaluable. Invaluable.

I am so grateful for all the contributors to our threads, answering questions and providing solutions for other members or guests on FC.

Yes, we still suffer from start-up business issues; Shipping, confirmations, personnel, sourcing, distribution, software, IT,etc.

You guys are correct that it is just @matte green and I. We are striving to get out of this phase in the business, which I believe, is still our infancy. We have made too many mistakes and learned to much from them to not move forward.

The release of Peace is an introductory to Triihouse's line of the "glass vaporizing barrel" (GVB) system.

I did not call it the "glass CONDUCTION barrel" because, well technically, you can use the barrels via convection. The convection method takes a little bit longer, but it works. Unless somebody beats me to it, I will make vids to showcase how to use the "GVB's".

Triihouse is growing and we have all of you to thank.



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Thanks for getting us an answer on this Tommy. I can't wait to try out the Peace. Can you be a little more specific as to how you see the convection method taking longer? I was thinking you would get quick instant results from convection just like in the Daisy.

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That's what i wan't to know on this one, Do any of you guy's that are awaiting your's also have an Arizer Air? I would love to see the harshness compared on these two.
I just got an air. I usually vape with water because I cough easily. So far that's not happening with the air. I especially love the Joda stem that came with it because the air flows easily. I use water with the Lily and would with the Daisy if I could figure out how.

My peace should be here Friday. I'm interested to see how harsh it is because it looks like it uses a totally different process than the others.
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Hey guys, I also wanted to mention that in the video of me using the Peace, it takes me about 30 seconds to reach VISIBLE vapors. You do not have to go to the point where you reach visible vapors right away. When I am using the Peace on a slower pace, I will heat up for maybe 10-15 seconds and just sip for flavor and super low temp herbal connoisseur-ing. I even like to just sip on the Peace cold; it is like an herbal air filter.


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This, along with some other recent vapes, makes me think we're moving into the era of portable vapes. Lol

What I mean is that the Peace seems like it's easy enough to operate that you could pass it around in a crowd. Someone said earlier this is a real vapor blunt, and I could definitely see this being as big a hit socially as a nice fatty.

When I had a Solo I was at a house party and had a session with my friend. We were blowing clouds and he thought we were puffing on about a half gram. His jaw dropped when I told him the bowl held about .1g


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I got mine! I guess Peace is an official thread.

So far so good. I already started using two screens on the iner side of the glass making a cross pattern to minimize suck through. Particles in my mouth are my biggest complaint so far. Vapor is fairly smooth considering distance.


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This sucks. I ordered the minute they were available and mine shipped same day as the first batch and didn't get mine or even a notice..I'm so over it..
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Got mine first thing in the morning. Haven't tried it yet, but aesthetically it's a beautiful vape. It's comparable in size and weight to the VM. The heat barrel looks like it's from the lily MP. You could use a Daisy intake for a slightly longer airpath.

Here are just some size comparison pics.

FF and Peace




Peace and Vapman+VM lighter


I'll try and post AVB pic later on
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The first session with mine went well. Didn't go crazy with the torch and wasn't trying to blow clouds.

With probably around .1 loaded a 15 or so seconds first heat up gave me great taste and a little visible vapor, reheats I went for around 7-8 seconds. vapor output was good though I was taking light hits. Didn't count my hits during around a 10 minute session. The AVB was really uniformed dark coffee brown and the Buzz is sweet, so was the taste all the way through.

herbs where ground to kind of a medium shred, I didn't have any grit or herb get passed the screen into my mouth at all. The screen system worked well for me but i see myself losing more then a couple, pretty quickly.

That's my first impression with no experimentation in the least, I just opened the box looked at it for a few minutes then shoved in the bottom screen, dumped in a pinch of herb inserted the top screen then grabbed the torch, and that was that.

I like it a lot so far but have only had it for an hour and a half and done(did) that one session.

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It's recommended to wait a minute before handling the barrels. After its cooled you could poke out everything with the wooden pick provided or even a toothpick (any poking tool will work)
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I saw no need of stirring from my first session where the avb came out a uniformed color (like @nosmoking I think it was said earlier there's a lot more then conduction heating going on when your turning and heating the tube/load so IR and other factors i don't pretend to understand are going on to bake your herbs all the way through)

Did you find any difficulty in getting the avb out? Seems like may have to let cool first before you can, so just curious about that

I waited around a minute and a half and pulled the tube out of the wood by the flared end onto a soft place mat then used the wooden push rod to push the screens and AVB through, the middle of the tube was still uncomfortable to touch for a minute after that.


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I've burned my lips trying to take hits from the Daisy intake tube (stupid marsh wiggle!!!) so once I get my Peace I'm sure it is only a matter of time before I (or one of my equally space-cadet friends) put my mouth to the glass end instead of the wooden end.

Wow. That's like crackhead level problems there. Ouch.

Hemp fiber works, but i think i used too much as it impeded airflow and it felt like i was puffing on a hand rolled smoke that was twisted too tight.

I made my own screens for conduction Daisy that i may like better than the stock ones. I think i need to try bigger material with the screens.


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Just had my first session with the peace, and all I got to say is damn! This thing is extremely efficient and the flavor you get throughout the session is amazing. You could sip or you could rip, there isn't a wrong way to do it. There is a learning curve/ritual much like the vapman. Everybody will have there own way but once you get it down, it's like a super mini Daisy haha.

My routine is heating it for 5 seconds then rotate all around. Vapor won't be visible or maybe a bit, but flavor is great. From there I bump down to 3-4 seconds. It works for me, but it might not work for you. I'd want to know your routine though haha.

Here's a couple pic of avb

Started with some fresh blue dream. I didn't bend the screen all the way leaving it with a little spring. You can adjust bowl size and use the screens as spacers.

After about 20 minutes more or less

The finished product

Good stuff
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