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Hi guys, can someone tell me what size intake/outflow holes are drilled on the hotrod injector head? Terminology is probably incorrect but hopefully you'll get what I mean.


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Portable Hot Rod:


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It's still a very preliminary testing stage, but I've used it lightly at 4 o'clock for about 2 hours now and I've lost only one dot. Looks like I could use it on the porch for (or at a picnic, etc) for 5+ hours. At 4 this is roasting that little bowl thoroughly but med-tobacco dark.

Edit: Correction--it looks like it's losing about a dot per hour @ 4 o'clock, so I'd probably get about 3 hours from a charge without pushing it.

Edit: Just lost the third dot (>40%) at about 3.5 hrs. I'm gonna clean up this bowl and shut it down. Plenty of time for a picnic, I think!
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Yo, two Hot Rods available, looks like!


Yo, two Hot Rods available, looks like!
sold out - i'm looking for a 110v version to add to my collection


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Stueylakes, you hit it nicely! The HR (w/style) holds its own. It's been our favorite gem.
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