New rosin presses - Made in Germany


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And I've heard that Frank has also a stainless pro bubblemachine similar as the W.I.A. 30 but much cheaper (than 25k) in mind ;)
But step by step.


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I'm also interested in something smaller for personal use.
I would also be ok with some more DIY solution instead of a self contained unit like the Nugsmasher but I don't know anything about presses and "serious" rosin making so I have no idea about what amount of pressure I would need and so on.
I think that most EU potential users share the same basic needs regard concentrate making as they would be producing rosing in very small batches mostly for personal use.


Honi soit qui mal y pense
Yep, its's lowly getting better. Already working with half the force. Has to deminish his delay on orders of his regular buisiness. But will come back to the presses the next months. Still there is hope!


Honi soit qui mal y pense
I'm so sorry - really bad news. Unfortunately this project has died. Frank already cant't nearly stand current working pressure with all his brewing equipment projects. More diversification neither wouldn't be good for him personally nor for the quality of his products.
Nobody is sadder about that than me. Hope he finishes the prototype for me at least. :ugh:


But if I'd intend to buy a rosin press in Europe I'd order one from Roger
I've intensely watched developement of his company and products the last months.
Awesome guy, highest standard of CS and construction and processing of his products, best prices.
No cheap Chinese crap. No cheating. Hard for any international competitor to stand that in all points. I'm pretty sure Roger also will develope bigger presses for larger commercial needs in the future.
Wish you the very best, Roger!

Doktor Dub

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That is sad to hear but sounds like the right decision. All the best to Frank!

The evolution of looks indeed very promising and i think myself about one :)

I have been away for a few weeks, why not start with a kind of sad topic....

Have a great day all!
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