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Music from the mid 60's to late 70's (when creative genius reigned..)


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For what it's worth, I do you think nose grease sounds a bit gross and personally would also not want oils from my face on my grinder or buds, I mean I try to be mindful of my finger oils as best I can, but I know how oily my face is and I don't really want that involved in this habit lol tough enough managing it as it is, damn genetics! But I don't really like using any for anything...
I agree 100% that "Nose grease" sounds gross (not just "a bit gross" but more like "next-level-gross" imo ;)) but reading about that kinda stuff made me sing this out loud:

A girl don't need no fancy grease
To get herself some rump release
Any kind of lube'll do
Maybe from another part of you?

Lube from the north
Lube from the south

Take a little slobber
From the side of your mouth...
Roll it over! Grease it down

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