Music from the mid 60's to late 70's (when creative genius reigned..)


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No page shall pass this Zappa-streak!

And when you go caca,
they make you stand up!
Down in France, way down in france!
Listen here:
If you're not careful,
it'll stick to your cheecks
You'll smell like Godzilla
for a couple of weeks
I've known it for years and still cracks me up everytime i hear it!



Little History for you all. Seems like the #supremes forgot what America was like before the EPA


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I know what it means to love a guitar, I still daily play my first 'expensive' guitar, I've had it since 1969.
(Guild F-47)

A human interest story...
I was so happy to see him finally get his guitar back after all this time and on Canada day to boot.
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