Music from the mid 60's to late 70's (when creative genius reigned..)


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The best album in all of history came from this era. Ok - I may be alone in this - but my all time favorite album is Brian Zeno - Taking Tiger Mountain….it’s just genius


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Since this thread is about 60-70s music...QUESTION ☆☆☆☆
The newer Coke Commercial where the young dark haired girl is attempting to make a Selfy Dance type video, but, keeps getting interrupted..1st by mother, then brother?, then doorbell and Pizza guy with Coke..she takes Coke and walks towards camera and it mentions Coke Magic..
WHAT IS THE INSTRUMENTAL ORCHESTRA MUSIC PLAYING. Ill swear its from a Modern Rock group segment...horn's, cellos, piano, strings, etc....?
Surely Im Not the only one that recognizes it...hoping someone's memory isnt as fried as mine...HELP !!!
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