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I just saw on Facebook that Jorge is having a weekend sale, with miniVAP accessories 2:1

So if you need any, jump on it
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Please @Silver420Surfer, send an email to with the serial number of the MiniVAP (next to the minus button) so we can check the version in our records and give you some advise to make it work.

A big hug and many thanks to the users who feed this threat and support MiniVAP :)
Thanks for reaching out!

I will send my info to that email this weekend and reference this post.


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I got my new glass core minivap this week and spent the last couple of days enjoying some very rewarding clouds via a variety of water devices.

A question for experienced MV users: is it normal for the temperature light to blink (indicating that the heater is engaging) after every time I take a draw longer than a few seconds through a bubbler? After my first draw the light essentially flashes for the remainder of my session unless I wait a very long time between draws. I'm not drawing particularly hard, I'm used to seeing maybe a 5 degree swing on a Mighty.

This doesn't happen with the more restrictive airflow of the flexicone+ thing or the rigid mouthpiece.
Just want to make sure it is normal. It is certainly producing (lots of) vapor.

Should I just let it heat up longer and heat-soak before hitting it the first time?
If you pre-heat, do you pre-heat it loaded or do you let it reach temperature first?

Maybe @Hermes-MiniVAP can give an opinion on the best method?



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It took a little while but I think I have the minivap all figured out now.
It likes to pre-heat. Just like some older desktops it needs a bit of extra time, even though it is saying it's at temperature.

I'm really blown away by the sheer amount of dense vapor this thing produces with a tiny quantity of herb.
Here it is loaded with 0.2g in the smaller of its two baskets, at 410F:
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