1. PPN

    Katalyzer Vapes

    Here a new french brand and its vaporizers, it's Katalyzer, they offer bubblers, vaping accessories and some cheap butane vaporizers: first is the Katalyste And they released recently "Le Testeur"...
  2. TheResistance

    Cheapest DIY Rosin Press That Works!

    DIY Press Main pieces: 1" wide Revlon hair straightener from walmart- $20 2 ton jack from walmart- $10 JB Weld(2 tubes in package, 500 degree operating temperature)- $5 Scrap metal/new steel 2 pieces of thin wood the dimensions of the plates. This is how...
  3. Simple10

    Cheaper alternative to nexus?

    Does anyone know of where I can get a short n wide block shaped WP similar to a Nexus puck?
  4. stonedbob

    cheap vaporizer for one week

    i'm going to trip Amsterdam next month, not for the first time but the first time as non-smoker. my problem is that I dont want to smoke joints in Amsterdam but to buy a "temporary" cheap vaporizer for the week usage and after that - throw it away, because I cant fly with it back to my country...
  5. kbrown5523

    Looking for a disposable vape for dry herbs

    I'm going to be traveling from Seattle to Disneyland. I am looking for a dry herb vaporizer that I can take down there for 5 days and then throw it away. That means I'm looking for the cheapest vaporizer that will work. I like to get as much in the way of clouds as I can, and I need an easy...
  6. nondarb

    Pen Vax Vaporizer

    On a whim (and need for a cost effective portable I wouldn't mind losing) I've decided to buy a couple Chinese vapes. I received my "Vax Vaporizer" yesterday, did the prerequisite overcharge and am preforming burn offs right now. So in going to do a first impressions review and update as I use...
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