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Here is more info - looks like it is made in Canada and they are having a presale:


Designed for everyone and every occasion. To those looking for a calm morning with silky smooth vapors or a full on bong hit experience at your party.

Our patent pending technology provides the best vaporization at customized intensities. Mix and match any combination of flower, concentrates, oils and e-juice or all at once!

  • 1 Second Heat Time
  • Active Cooling - Provides Smooth Vapor while Cooling the Device
  • Magnetic Purge Selector - Clear the Chamber of any Vapors
  • Built-in Herb Grinder and Spent Herb Extractor - Easy to Load and Unload
  • Ultimate Compatibility - Flower, Concentrates, Oils, e-Juice
  • True all-in-one Design. The last Vaporizer you’ll ever need.


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There are a couple YouTube videos also.
Looks like a grinder and vape in one on a mod.
Gotta love THAT.

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who remembers that vapor cigar thing that had the built-in grinder that never came out? Man it would be cool to have a museum of vape designs that never actually materialized... Anyway I Guess we'll see this as an upcoming thread on old FC!
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