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Not too bad, since its such a quick cooker, you can hit the AVB taste/smell sooner, especially if you don't stick to blue as long as possible like I do. The tight draw, albeit annoying, does at least prevent too much vapor leakage in between hits
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I saw a couple pics of modded MP and adapters. How has those mods hold up these past couple weeks? Has anyone else tried and mod the MP for better airflow and same with the adapter?

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my mod has held up well so far. i will admit a little vapor escapes from my glass mouthpiece. the drip tip might not have this problem.
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Shit Snacks

Milaana. Lana. LANA. LANAAAAA! (TM/FW7/OAB/CC-H&A)
I saw a couple pics of modded MP and adapters. How has those mods hold up these past couple weeks? Has anyone else tried and mod the MP for better airflow and same with the adapter?

I used a safety pin to poke five holes through the screen of one of mine, its better but the added airflow may mean there is more cool down happening during a hit (needs more testing).

It also still gets tough to draw because herb still flies up and clogs the screen no matter how full and/or tight I seem to pack. Same problem I had with the FlowerMate. At least the screen can now be cleaned this way, just poke through the holes to clear them and keep going. Much like with the Thermovape T1 cap

I still don't know how it can ever be actually cleaned, they will have to sell replacement mouthpieces soon I'm sure. I was also told by my alibaba seller that they had just redesigned the mouthpiece to improve it. I don't know ow if that means just draw restriction, but hopefully it also means the materials (and maybe even waterpipe connection?!) will be improved...


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Can it be used while plugged in charging or no?

I meant to post that I asked about it pass through usage. They said the unit was not designed for it and it was not safe for the battery. So Relaxo Tech does not recommend it.

My mouthpiece mod has been holding up well so far. It does run slightly cooler unless you manually slow your draw a bit. The unit ran so hot before on hi with the stock MP taking your herbs right to the brink of combustion. That it still extracts really well even if you don't manually slow your draw down to what I consider a MFLB speed.

Vapor does escape slightly from the stock mouthpiece also sometimes right after you finish drawing. My drip tip mod doesn't seem any worse then stock in this regard from what I have seen in the last two days.

When I tried to mod my stock mouthpiece it just kind of bent the plate it


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I know I'm not suppose to post here but that's dangerous please don't, it's not designed to work that way

Hey, thanks for clearing this up, man :)

You who speak to them in a professional setting should maybe tell them to make this clear in the manual?

And btw, I understand that you guys are selling this through your site, because this seems solid! The other product I have coming in the mail is one of your products, the O-phos. Looking forward to it, heard only good things about you guys. Just have to make some good oil :D

Anywayz, I really enjoy this vape after light testing. It is highly effective, and the lowest setting is really is enough for me. It extracts the herb right until the verge of combustion, and on the second setting it's actually a bit too much.

This might be the vape to replace jays I've been looking for. No need for the long bong rip like pulls, small tokes, big clouds - just the way I like it.

The MP feels solid, even though it leaks vapor. Wouldn't mind a 14 mm adapter or something like that.

This seems really easy to bring along as well. I only wish that they had stolen VaporBlunts bullet solution lol :brow:

I'll give a more detailed report when I've used it more :science:


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I hate to bring it up because they're pretty universally reviled on the forums, but I wonder if the extended mouthpieces for the gpen herbal plus fit? The mouthpiece shapes look a little different so I doubt it, but I also don't have either unit so I don't know if it could still fit.
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I received an extra mouthpiece with mine. I'm hoping that using an extra screen at the top of the bowl will help with the clogging, but I might have to try to mod the spare I have somehow
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