Discontinued Haze Dual V3


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Is there anyone who has a working dual v3 in their rotation oppose to just me?
I do but i just don't use it much. Every once in a while it sees the light of day. Still a great product. It's just a shame What happened to them.

I was thinking of selling it but I'm on the fence.


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I have a few of the model before it, the 2.5. Mouthpiece is a pain to get out for use since it didn’t have the end flare but overall the same experience. I think V3 models are still out there new but not for under $200.


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I use mine when I need a portable. Found some new batteries that fit and work. Still have lots of cans and accessories for it. Even use it through a water device with their attachment.

And my Vapir Rise 2.0 which is my main vape has been nothing short of fantastic. Such a shame they don't make it anymore.


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Anybody know where I can get a battery charger for my V3 batteries?


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Yeah I love mine, they should have stuck with the V3 and improved on it instead of the 4 bowl vape
it wasn't the 4 bowl feature that got me with the Square. It was the quick heatup time. And the USB C charging.
If only they made a V4 of the Dual, with the quicker heat.

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