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I've recently completed development of the third iteration of my botanical extraction blocks. This is the first version that has been made publicly available.

Each block measures approximately 1.5"x2.5"x4" (The pressing area is approx. 2.5x4)

These are hand crafted from the best materials possible. The Ironwood used to make the body is one of the most dense and durable woods available. The copper-nickel plate used for the working faces is super durable and corrosion resistant, for a lifetime of trouble free service. The whole body is pinned together with copper, like a knife handle.

The blocks are independently self-heating and internally regulated, never requiring adjustment. They use just under 100 Watts total peak, and are powered by a 12-volt power adapter which connects to both blocks using a y-adapter (all included). Powerful rare-earth magnets inside each block hold them securely (either vertically or horizontally) to your press or vise (up to 5 tons).

Temperature stays in the mid 200s if I remember correctly, but I'm double checking now. Regardless, they work great with the enchilada method, and I'll include a super-reusable piece of safe PTFE with every set, to ensure plenty of blowout-free presses.

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Several Questions:

1. Are these blocks only intended for use on a drill press? Or, can they be used as (albeit with less pressing) they are?

2. Is the 12 volt adapter 110-240 v ?

3. If these are made for use with a drill press do you have something for people with limited storage space?

4. Is there any product or method you would recommend to folks (like me) new to pressing rosin?

shark sandwich

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These blocks are best used with an arbor press or a sturdy vise. A drill press wouldn't be the right tool for the job. And, while it would technically be possible to use the blocks with a hand clamp, it would be far from ideal. You should be able to get a good deal on an arbor press if you check your local craigslist. I found my Dake 3-ton on craigslist for $60.

The 12 volt adapter included with the kit will be a standard 110V US style adapter, unless you need another type. In that case, whatever type you need will be included.

Regarding the size of the setup, it doesn't seem large to me. The largest part is the arbor press or vise, which can be clamped to a sturdy table when in use, and stowed away when not in use. Any arbor press in the 1-3 ton range is about the size of a backpack, which I think is pretty reasonable in most situations.

If you are new to pressing rosin, I recommend reading through the Rosin thread here, it's the best and most exhaustive resource on the subject. Here's a link:


I'll upload a video of some pressing action soon, and it will show some of the techniques that I've found most useful. I think deciding which product or method works best for you has less to do with if you are new or not, and more to do with what your needs are. Once you know what your needs are, and you've found the most effective way to meet them, it won't even matter that you're new.

Edit: I mentioned in the first post that I'd check the operating temperature. I checked, and the working surface temperature is in the 220-230 F range.
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