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rosin tech

  1. dabpress.com

    Dabpress Rosin Plates

    Anodization is a industrial craft used on the metal surface. It'll improve the metal corrosion resistance, hardness, heat resistance. You may click below link to see how it looks like: https://www.dabpress.com/products/dp-rp37-diy-rosin-heat-plates And how to use anodized rosin plate kit...
  2. Cannabis-Hardware-Ed

    NewVape Rosin Press Products

    I'd like to introduce NewVape's latest Universal Rosin Press Plate System with a closed loop controller. These plates fit any hydraulic shop press with a mounting arbor measuring 1" - 2". We consider these plates to be 2nd generation as they are built using aluminum for the heat transfer and...
  3. shark sandwich

    Handmade Botanical Extraction Blocks

    I've recently completed development of the third iteration of my botanical extraction blocks. This is the first version that has been made publicly available. Each block measures approximately 1.5"x2.5"x4" (The pressing area is approx. 2.5x4) These are hand crafted from the best materials...
  4. J

    Custom Copper Nickel Vise and Arbor Jaws For Rosin Tech.

    Hey guys and gals, I am testing the waters here to see how much interest there is in custom made rosin jaws for Vises and Arbor presses. All made from 90/10 copper nickel designed for rosin tech extraction. For those with a small dedicated rosin vise, I can make blocks that get glued in...
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