Great Movies You've Seen Recently That Are NOT New Releases..


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Well I watched "Tarzan And His Mate". This is an excellent movie for it's time(1934) and was "Pre-Code"(Sex Censorship Code of the late 30s). Margeret Sullivan is "Jane" and what a hot babe in a scanty loin cloth. One scene has her on a tree limb above the water just checking her new dress a safari had brought her. Jane loses balance and the dress catches on the tree as she falls(Now Naked) into the water. Underwater shots show her completely naked swimming around for over a minute. This wasn't the only scene there were many scenes of her in that loin cloth. One thing really funny was Jane's "Tarzan Yell" it was a high pitched female version. I also learned from "CC"(Subtitled Option) that Tarzan yelling is called "Ululating". Later.


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More of a documentary on quite an interesting musician!
It is called "Searching for Sugarman".

It is actually made by a group of South Africans my age, 40'ish, who grew up with his music and legend.
In the Apartheid era of SA, anything anti establishment was banned, so a lot of music was censored and never heard.
Vinyl were screened and any non-conforming track was scratched and destroyed so it could not be played.

Somehow a copy of the vinyl made it through SA customs and his music came at the right time!
Time for change!
He was never seen in concert and rumor was that he had killed himself.

The two guys go on a journey to find this remarkable man to find out if he is still alive what he is doing now.
Fascinating documentary scenes from SA history with Rodriguez actually playing a few concerts in SA!

Some trailers

And one of his songs that I really like

Also, check out this documentary


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One of my very favorite classic sci-fi movies, as well as being one of the iconic ancestors of much of modern sci-fi:

Metropolis :razz:

If you've never watched it, and you're a sci-fi fan, then you should. This movie was waaaaay ahead of it's time (the 1920's).


You need to find a copy with the ORIGINAL audio score. Not one of the more recent ones that remade the audio/music.

I think this is probably a good copy:
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While in the spirit of Halloween here in the States this month,
last night we honored throwback horror flix,
1958 the Fly, and The Blob made that same year with Steve McQueen,
1959 The Mummy.
yea cheesy and dated but still there is a quality that I love in these oldies particularly this time of year.
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Amores Peros

Intense emotions and vivid performances. Pulp-fiction-esque, but grittier and more real.
Really well-directed, and good music scattered throughout as well.
This one was really good. I remember I had it VHS when it came out almost 20 years ago. lol

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I watched the "Day the Earth Stood Still". It was really good I like older flying saucer movies.

I just watched something called "What We Do In The Shadows". It was a New Zealand made move and made in 2014 so not that old. It was a vampire movie about 4 male bachelor vampire friends living together in modern day society. They had a friend teach them about computers, had parties and went out to bars. They werent too mean and it was made like a documentary explaining how they became vampires. The perks of being the undead. It was a comedy. I thought it was pretty good.
Love, love, love Taika Waititi Named our newest cat Taika Whykitty.
"Boy" is another good movie.


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Well I watched the movie "Bad Samaritan" and it was a fantastic action thriller. Twists and turns thru-out. Later.
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Three days of the condor- robert Redford and sublimely beautiful Faye Runaway. On movies tv right now. Amazing spy flick. Cheers, D. Edit: my phone spelled it 'r'unaway. Weird.
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