General consensus. Average amount of cannabis people use.


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Hey guys and gals, just curious as to how much people smoke/vape on this forum.

For me, ive been using about 0.15 per session, with 3 sessions daily. or in other words, about a 1/8th a week.

Im wondering where this stands compared to other users, and if im in the average end of usage.



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As mentioned, there's lots of user variability on the forum. Here's a similar thread with some feedback as well.

I've reduced my cannabis use over the last ~3.5 years as I have slowly gone with more and more microdosing. I use 0.050 grams per bowl and after a weekly break aim for 3 sessions from it (w/ one temp step). I take a 0.050 gram bowl down to two sessions in the third day of use... and sometimes in the second day of use when I want extra extra oomph.

0.20 grams total weekly is the current goal and and if more, it's not much more. I only use cannabis (vaping) from Friday to Sunday. One bowl on Friday after a weekly break lasts me ~10-11 hours. 1-2 bowls on Saturday (one bowl is the goal, with a current ~50% success rate). Sunday is 1-2 bowls again. Unsurprisingly, f/x and duration go down over those three days and the amount used goes up to compensate. However, I've also switched to trying to use less cannabis on Sunday's to be more productive early in the work week.

My routine gets me haf. Can get woozy :science: :freak:. Recently, 3 bowls on a Saturday had me greening out that evening.

I microdab as well, but pretty much over winter when things are quieter. A gram will last me at least a few years with sharing. And 1/8th of flower lasts me ~16-17 weeks, >3 months vaping.

It sounds low compared to many here, but I've seen others post that do a fair amount less cannabis than me 👍.


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I've been steady for about the last 25 years or so (with about a 5 year break where I didn't consume regularly and instead ended up with a drinking problem), at about 2-3g per day (whether in flower or pressed into rosin it always works out to about 2-3g equivalent flower per day)

So 2.5-3oz per month on average.


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More links below, seems to be a popular topic
(We get to flex, in either direction)



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Hey Jcat. Nice to meet ya. I seem to have a similar history as you. Starting smoking weed in high school through my 20's.
Quit for about 10 years while doing the family thing, but ended up picking up a nasty drinking habit during that time, which i had managed to also quit.
Now its back to the flower, which i have been using daily for the past 2 years.
I feel as if i might be vaping too much at a eighth a week. I know its not ALOT compared to some, but its more then some of my peers.
Im thinking i want to take my consumption down to the eighth a month group.


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Home growing is a double edge sword, on one hand it's free, on the other I end up vaping close to 100% of the time I'm awake.

I think it's around 2g per day with bigger days if I wake up earlier, when I have plenty it actually motivates me so much to wake and bake and start working in the most productive hour possibly.

I haven't keep track of actual stem counts but I think it's 1 stem per 45 minutes, average 12 solo stems per day or so.
Around .15 grams/day or 2 oz/year.

I only smoke while watching TV before I go to bed.

Smoked heavy during and after Vietnam but after returning to the habit 50 years later I have no desire to stay "medicated" all the time. My evening pipe gives me something to look forward to at the end of the day and I don't want to spoil that.


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Good stuff. I think its something we should be aware of. I don't think its healthy doing anything 24/7, which is what i was doing for the past two years.
Im still doing my "weekends" only routine, and weekends means just fri and sat. I want to be fresh for Mondays.
Ive been having about half a gram over the weekends, and want to keep my tolerance capped at this level.
So far its great, I look forward to friday night. Now, i just need to monitor my intake and make sure i don't start binge-vaping.
Have a great day all.


I only use it to sleep when I’m in too much pain, so an eighth lasts me about 6-7 weeks. Was using more, but don’t like always being medicated or being dependent on anything as I travel a lot and it’s not legal in many places I go. I was worried I’d need it to sleep and have trouble without it.


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When I used to smoke years ago I used to use at least an oz a week. These days, vaping, it depends on how much flower vs how much concentrate (Resin or Rosin) I am using.

I never really pay a lot of attention to how much I'm using, and I'm sure it varies depending on what I have going on that week...but I estimate that both a gram of concentrate and an eighth of good top-shelf flower last me a similar amount of time, which is anywhere from one to two weeks.

Of course there are outliers...some weeks where I may use significantly more than that due to events happening or more days off work than usual...but I think the above is most weeks.


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As a medical patient I vape about 2g per day. When I am in a really bad month I can finish two ounces in under 2 weeks, but usually the 2 ounces lasts the month or most of it.
being similar natured I have actually increased from 1oz per month up to nearly two. Purchased a balled vape package and have not looked back.


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being similar natured I have actually increased from 1oz per month up to nearly two. Purchased a balled vape package and have not looked back.
Which one did you get?

Fair after the tinymight and volcano I don't see myself shelling out 300-500 plus 17% tax and another 80-100 in shipping for a balled vape.

I see them getting more and more popular and dubbed "heavy hitters", but I'm not really sure why that is and how they compare to more traditional vapes.
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