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Fuck you !!!


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Abysmal Vapor

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:cry: Fuck this shit.. My cat is constantly getting into trouble lately. She is a house cat but we let her roam in the yard and around. Never had any serious injuries until 1 month ago, she caught some dental infection. Fed her antibiotics for a week and just after she got well she got into fight with some feral or neighbour cat and got a deep cut,and had to undergo another week with antibiotics... Now out of nowhere she has problems with her paw, the visits to the vet are stacking and so are the expenses.I love her so much and my heart is gonna break everytime she gets hurt. I know she is not going to like it,but sadly i would have to cut on her freedom and she would become house cat exclusively ... I've had house only cats and they are not as happy and living to fullest as she does, i really dont want to be the bad guy,but for her own good ,this is most probably her future..
Fuck presents,fuck expenses ,fuck my well being...,if i had one wish for X-mas is that my cat gets well and stops getting into trouble that much,,i just want the furball to be well !

Abysmal Vapor

Saturnine in my mind
Fuck outdoor cats...native bird killing machines...shot on sight around here as we have a bad feral cat problem!
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I hope all goes well with your pet @Abysmal Vapor ...just keep it inside!
Yeah i've heard about that problem,gladly we dont have it here,we got weasel and dog problems. Being attacked by 12 dogs while trying to throw the trash is not a fun experience.. As far as shooting cats goes, i am totally against it,i rather have the Humans that do not sterilize their cats get shot. I live near a mountain and there are a lot of Wildcats (not ferals). My cat came with the property(was about 2 years old) and recently learned that one of her parents was a Wildcat and the other Tabby. She weights 6.5 kg and is no where near fat,just big. She is used to covering a lot of distance and toys look like a joke for her. It is kind of like trying to keep a tiger inhouse.
Anyway her well being is above all and i will try to work out some routine with her,also my gf said she is going to buy a special addon to the fence so she could not get out of the yard. Always thought cat on leash is really wrong ,but if she wants to go outside the yard,this is going to be the solution.
Thank you for the well wishes, it seems today that she is better than yesterday,started running around and using the scratch post,so i guess it is just a small injury on the soft tissues. Went also on x-ray and it seems like nothing is broken.
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Abysmal Vapor

Saturnine in my mind
This year really did a number on me ! So i can say fuck you 2022, you are a cunt. Got Covid symtoms on 1st January ,which was later confirmed via test. Today i tested PCR-negative ,manage to kick omicron's sorry ass for 10 days with zero issues,but i got a nasty sinus infection now and have to pop some 1000mg antibiotics for 10 days... and then undergo a dental procedure ,cause it is the root to this shit. Makes me wonder what's next ?
Whatever it is , i will persist with both my middle fingers raised high ! Once again, big fuck you to 2022 !
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