Fluxer Heaters, induction heaters for Dynavap


Funny how such a little thing is so hard for some of us. I was locked on that red when I saw a red Flux Deluxe over a year ago. Very happy to have Goldie as well. These are vivid colors.


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Had originally wanted something more along the lines of gunmetal, but that was sold out by the time I saw the store was live (much sooner than I expected, sorry for whining about that earlier) so I got the gold. Not a color I genrally consider, but dang does the gold you chose look nice. Ended up quite psyched about that choice that I honestly might not have considered otherwise.

Congrats on getting this exciting product out the door. Clearly a labor of love, and oh my how exciting all the features are!


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I would have pegged that Neon DV Green as a popular color.

Okay, I officially have no class

Glad I was able to grab a slime green with CAS, the gold was going to be my next choice. They were the last 2 color choices left, seems I don't have any class as well. :lol:

Its going to join my 15mm all green machine Flix and good old SN#2 16mm Flux Deluxe in black to complete my Flux family. Well or until you and @mr_cfromcali have another brain child together :brow:

Thank you both for all you do :cheers:


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What a tremendous response! Thank you, all! :rockon:

It has been a long day at the keyboard. I am going to join my family for dinner, but I'll be back later and will follow up with any questions or concerns then.

Ya know im getting very worried here I ordered a hour and a half ago and do not have shipping info yet. Whats the deal? :D

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Darn, I got home too late...Flights are all sold out. Relist next week you say? How's your stock of Flix? I need one of those, too.
Moses Baca,
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It was a wild ride it seems @Moses Baca - sorry you missed this drop.

of course it was a wild ride. I was ready, went on black color when 2 in stock, go to checkout and crash!. Ok no problem, ran to my second option, the red one; I will be faster, tried the fast checkout with paypal and bang, crash! I dont know if my internet conexion was slow or I was very asleep but I've never seen anything like it before, this was like buy the tickets for the comic on:lol::lol:


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I cant believe I got exactly what I wanted! Dark green! Cap as switch! Will match its bigger, older brother!
Nice one that’s exactly what I was hoping for unfortunately I fell asleep about half hour before they went on sale, woke up about 2hours later and they were all gone! Congratulations to everyone that got one. Hopefully I can grab one when they are restocked.

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Yesterday was an interesting day that's for sure. I spent all day looking at every new post on this thread, waiting for the Flite to drop, got way too medicated in the process. I finally got my hands on a red Flite with the cap as switch, but I was so high that I wasn't sure I bought the right thing and I almost fucked up the credit card info, fun times. But in the end I got it!

Big thank you to @mr_cfromcali for all the hard work you did yesterday, making sure everybody understood what your new device was all about. You have an amazing customer service, before and after purchase! I should also thank @TommyDee for all the info about the device and IH technology in general, because of you guys I almost understand how the whole process works... almost is the key word here. :hmm::huh:

The only thing missing now is a Flux Deluxe and I can't wait to see what new innovation @mr_cfromcali will bring to the table next!
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