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Good morning everyone, making alot of progress, I mean alot! Both buildings have power now woot woot. many times I make more out of a task then tends to be or I will make less out of it and tends to be more than I could have imagined, crazy huh. I have been hanging lights,


setting the last few machines, and rigging the dust collection system.


I could have chips flying right this moment but want to get the buildings setup 100% for final operation and not have to worry about what hasn’t gotten done and needs to be done or realize that I am missing a small hand tool I have to have to get the job done then spend a day looking for it. I feel I am getting OCD as I get older. Its hard for me to focus on jobs knowing and seeing somethi9ng out of place or not put away. Having a rough shop and finish shop will be a big deal for me and make things much easier. Will sure as heck help with the OCD lol. This has been an overwhelming task at times and is finally at the end. I cant say how excited I am to be at this point and thank you all for the patience and cooperation everyone has shown me, big big THANK YOU again!

I am so excited to be getting back to work but couldn’t be happier to hold my new born son tomorrow morning. We had one last dr visit this morning, Lane is right at 9lbs. gosh hes going to be a big big boy. Gotta give it to the wife for what she has had to endure these months to get here. Its been really tough on her. She hasnt been able to get out much the last couple months and has had very little sleep lately but she has made it through it all to make it to tomorrow. She is such an inspiration and encouragement to me always. No matter what or how she felt she has always given me strength when I needed it. We go in at 7am should have him before noon as shes having a section. Should go easy, not her first but is still nervous and anxious and excited. Pls pls keep us in your thoughts and prayers that is does go well and both are healthy and safe through it all. Check my IG and I will post pics at some point.

I have been thinking alot about when I get back to turning, have been looking at all the blanks to work and what I could do here and there. Am going to do Arizer pieces from here on differently and add the little bit of detail to them for all of retail. I like doing the detail and wanna do it more for something different. Will be fun to add some flare to em when it starts feeling like sharpening pencils sets it.

I have also been talking to a good friend of mine about his shop and what all he does and is able to do. I have been doing some research lately and eyeing some new machinery capable of opening doors for my work and giving me neat ideas. Am very excited about it and look forward to whats possible.

Still no sign of Daly and has been rather tough on Major being at his new place and not having her. My Sons dog at his moms got bred and had 7 pups 6 males and 1 female. Got the female, shes going to be a small dog, has some brennel in her or thats what we call it down here with those wild stripes, shes a cute little thing. Hasnt learned to run that great yet sometimes moving so fast her head gets out in front of her feet too much at times lol. Calling her Lt. Lotty May


Going to be some busy next few days at the hospital. Will be back in the saddle and turning out soon enough. All is in place and work starting very soon.

@Mr. Me2 Thanks bro, We miss her.

@KidFated. All is well my man saw your post at my stem thread, thanks for the bump there, been a while since I stopped by. I hope she has a good home, just dont see anything bad happening to her. I hope all is well up your way.

@Vitolo Thanks for those, I appreciate you.

@Ramahs I got ya bro and have given you a look over I will get it back to you soon.

@Modicum I wish she had my man, thanks for thinking of her and us.

@Drexciya Wow bro great score, I remember making that piece and glad you were able to grab it one way or another. It sure sounds like you have come to know it as I have when working it. It has a pleasant fragrance, mesmerizing grain and rich tones that captivate you in so many different ways. Sounds like you really have a handle on how it performs, thats what I like to hear as well. You really got a beautiful piece and am super happy you enjoy it and thank you for your kind words.

@Aezhenn Its always to see you. Hope you and the fam are enjoying the summer and was good to hear about your trip away. Thanks for the Plenty stands, I am excited to load to the WS stash & Totes soon when I start shooting product again. Will go great adding the new '18 models.

Yall its been a long day and got another few more intense ones ahead of me. I thank you all again and appreciate you very much.


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I am so excited to be getting back to work but couldn’t be happier to hold my new born son tomorrow morning.

Dude. Congrats on that! That's awesome

@Ramahs I got ya bro and have given you a look over I will get it back to you soon.

Thanks for checking in. I've been curious, but I didn't want to bug you, as I can see that you have your hands full at the moment.
Looking forward to good news from you in that area, and also looking forward to seeing what you'll be releasing this year!

I am excited to load to the WS stash & Totes soon

Oooohhh. This has my attention! :popcorn:


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Thought I would check in the thread and see if Ed and his wife have welcomed a new baby yet. I see that they have. Congratulations to Ed and Mrs Ed. A very wonderful time when a new baby is born.

Using my WS right now with some Gorilla Glue. Celebrating with everyone the new arrival. I’m a little late to the party.

The new wood shop looks awesome.

Ed's TnT

Hello everyone, wow what a great couple of weeks it has been. Had my son on the 6th and thank you all for having a look and also the posts here, I appreciate them and you all. He came out 8lbs. 10oz. a whopper of a boy. The birth went great and wife did well, she has been on the mend since and is doing pretty good. As I said we aren't as young as we were, healing takes a bit longer these days. We did a couple nights at the hospital and got out the 3rd day, not bad. Spent the weekend getting to know our little boy and doing as much as I could to help. He has a head full of hair, back of his little shoulders are hairy, he has the longest little toes, and for the most part hasn't found a sleeping routine just yet. This Wednesday he will be 2 weeks old and growing. The kids have been mixed, my youngest and step daughter cant get enough of him, others love him yes but aren't so inclined to hold him and love on him as we do. All is well and we are all settling in to a new way of living.

So I got some work done in the shop this past week, has been a lot of fun getting back in the groove and I must say the first day was a bit weird and took me a while to get the steps back down but by the second day I was making chips by and covering the floor in em. Yall have no idea how bad my habit is of wood hoarding. I have found all kinds of gems again when unboxing and setting back up. Even found a couple more pieces of Myrtlewood from the ZapMan and a few other absolute stunners. Here's another live edge Myrtlewood


I know some of you follow me over at IG, if not I made a post there showing a Thuya burl piece that had a crack and separated while I was sawing it. You may not know how spiky and pointed they can be, some can even hurt ya if you got jabbed by one. I was turning a piece of Thuya and wouldn't ya know it, dang it tore out and a piece flew off. I couldn't just trash it, this piece has way to much character, just finished working it, sanded and waxed it to what we have here


Other 3 sides are incredable with bright vibrant eyes. Now for this show stopper I found a long piece of Asian Afzelia Xylay figured blank, there again you can see before shots over at IG. You could see it was going to be a unique piece but wow finished its a molten stunner. Looks to me like lava rising up


I cant say how happy and excited I am to have my new son but also to be back in the shop doing what I have missed and love so much has really put my mind and heart to ease. I have been filling custom and back orders as well as turning new inventory every day. I will be putting all these together and releasing new stuff I am shooting for first of July. Am going to do a back at work sale / 2018 release then as well so pls keep an eye out. Oh btw these pieces above are nice but gosh there is so much more to come, its only getting better!

@Ramahs my man thanks for keeping an eye out and for the congrats, I appreciate you and look to hear from you soon bout the WS repair and what ya think. Thanks again.

@Aezhenn My brother you know me so well and thank you for all you do as well as the prayers and congrats. You know how tough it can be to be away from your work shop, alot of good times are had as well as great thinking is done. I am glad to be back at it. I hope you and yours are doing well also!

@Megaton Thanks for the post and stopping by, wow so thankful all went well. I am glad you like the shop too. I gotta get it insulated and an AC. Going to take some dough here and there and do that. Is awful freaking hot in there this time of day. I do have an EU rep. when the time comes, should be hearing something soon from him regarding the next step in the CE process hopefully getting closer to getting it. Thanks again and I wish you well.

@Summer Thanks so much for posting the link, those were just taken, gosh I was a so excited and joyful, overwhelmed and teared up, what an amazing gift he is.

@Modicum Many man thanks to you! God is great and good to us all, I appreciate you!

@Copacetic Hey hey aint no stopping us now, my tribe will live on for many many years and hopefully keeping the chips flying just as long, thanks my man!

@Drexciya Thank you sir, I appreciate you.

@VaperG Your wait is coming to an end soon. As far as what you should get, I am not one to twist anyones arm but if you are like me who has never done anything half ass and one to give it hell 100% of the time I say go big or go home but thats all on you.

@CarolKing My lady its so good to see you around, yes we have had our little one and are on the way to making our large family a little bit bigger lol. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you and yours are well.

I want to thank you all again for the patience and understanding you all have had these past few months during the move and delays, I am anxious to get these new pieces out there and to hear what you all think.


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we are all settling in to a new way of living.

What an understatement :doh:: new wife, new baby, new step-children, new puppy, new address, new house, new workshop. Geesh! :lol:

Don't forget to post pics on IG of the little one for us as he grows. :)

That Thuya is beautiful.

back of his little shoulders are hairy, he has the longest little toes

Now you did it! You know @phattpiggie is gonna have something to say about this. :lol:
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Oh, my Mother F***ing Hell! That is georgeous.
I'm sure I can't afford it, but I'd love to give my contact info to whoever buys it, just in case they ever want to sell it down the road
(I'm joking...but not really...but I am joking....but only a little...)

All I can say is, I hope that whoever gets it appreciates it and treats it well


As an aside from all that...I'm expecting to receive my repaired log back in the mail tomorrow!
YaY Me! :razz:


Fucking Combustion (mostly) Since February 2017
Oh, my Mother F***ing Hell! That is georgeous.
I'm sure I can't afford it, but I'd love to give my contact info to whoever buys it, just in case they ever want to sell it down the road
(I'm joking...but not really...but I am joking....but only a little...)

All I can say is, I hope that whoever gets it appreciates it and treats it well


As an aside from all that...I'm expecting to receive my repaired log back in the mail tomorrow!
YaY Me! :razz:

It's back. I have it!
The world is right again!
Thanks @Ed's TnT ! You're awesome!

Now, as a celebration present to myself, I'm off to Amazon to find a wifi plug to hook this thing up to so that I can both turn it on while I'm on my way home from work, so that things will already be up to temp when I walk in the door, and so that I can relieve my occasional worry that I left a hot metal thing plugged in at home alone, by making sure it's off remotely!


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Hey y'all! I'm looking if there's any info on the temp when it hits the chamber in comparison to the number set on the dial instead of what it heats the device to. Also what would be the recommended setting for the aromatherapy dish?

@Ed's TnT I want to let you know this device has lead to some great life improvements. You gave me inspiration to start working with wood and maybe make my own vape one day! It has been around 5 months now and my appreciation still grows with each use. There is only one thing I dislike about you however. The want to throw my money at you with all those stunners you're producing :rofl:


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Wow, I finally read all of this thread. I feel like I almost know he man, babies, kids, dogs, growing business, hunting and shooting sports, it is quite refreshing to here how life goes in another country.
I am now getting ready for next months sale.
Back a few pages Ed mentioned something about Australian wood, I can get hold of Huon Pine. I wonder if Ed could make me one in Huon Pine, it is a remarkable wood species.
wiki quote;
The wood is highly prized for its golden yellow colour, fine grain, and natural oils that resist rotting. The chemical giving the timber its unique smell and preservative qualities is methyl eugenol.

One more note, did anyone get a model with the green led inside. I would definitely want this feature.

I have also been looking up different power supply options, but it looks like I do not need one now Ed`s is multi a/c capable, but still some of these might interest you guys/gals.




My favourite is the following, twin outlet;

There are also a heap of tattoo power supplies that would work but a lot need a foot pedal switch, this can be fixed with this;

I also have some other ideas for a remote model, don`t even have to solder anything ;

With this so I can tell voltage,

I think that`s it for now. :tup:


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I'm running my WS straight from the wall plug, no dial or extension. i can't wait to get some stems made up, I LOST my favorite one! Ed made me a beautiful cocobolo direct draw piece and somehow it ended up missing. I hope someone is enjoying it at least.


Fucking Combustion (mostly) Since February 2017
I'm running my WS straight from the wall plug, no dial or extension. i can't wait to get some stems made up, I LOST my favorite one! Ed made me a beautiful cocobolo direct draw piece and somehow it ended up missing. I hope someone is enjoying it at least.

I was wanting to try that, but I was worried about damaging something. I already had to send it in, for which I was worried was because I like to use it on 9 - 9.5 all the time anyway. No worries about a shortened lifespan from running it on full-fucking-blast all the time?

What say you, @Ed's TnT ?

Ed's TnT

Hello and good morning everyone, in my second week of shop time and really making a showing. Have quite a few WS done and am turning wongs and stems now. got some back orders, retail catch up and alot of wholesale going on also. Always something to do round here. Getting awful freaking hot down here too feeling like 108 yesterday. I have had several back order pieces that were one offs that I either havent done in a while or never in a WS yet.

1st ever Red Mallee Burl


1st in Koa


1st in curly Asian Satinwood


And a couple in a golden oldie Afzelia Burl


Not the same piece


I am so thankful to be back out in the shops doing what I so enjoy and love. Its so fun coming inside from a while out there with a box full of my work and showing off to the wife. Having her say wow those look beautiful and you did good! Thats what its all about and also why I love what I do.

As I said I am going to be doing a sitewide sale, I am shooting for sometime next week for it to start but not set on a day yet as I still have to do a photo shoot and all that comes with it. Still have to turn a few more pieces of course so getting closer than I was. This sale is going to run for 7 days at least and will be for 11% off to celebrate my 11th year in the biz as well as several other missed reasons for sales that I missed since the start of the move. You all know me well and know I am giving it hell while I am not helping out with Lane and the wife. I will post a flyer here when I nail down the dates a little closer to time so keep an eye out.

My little one just hit 3 weeks old this past wednesday, hes sleeping a little better but still has those restless times where he isnt having any of that, hes upset and wants everyone to know until he is cried out. He is for sure a riding baby and surprisingly the couple times the wife has taken him out shopping for a bit he would sleep the entire time in his car seat moving around the store in the cart never waking. He hasnt smiled yet, were still looking for one of those. The bottoms of his feet and just under his neck are ticklish and not something he likes much yet lol.

So all this work is great and fun but does make me a dull boy, that being said I am going with my BF and his wife and his daughter my little red head princess Ruby tomorrow night to see the young and amazing band of Marcus King

Wow this guy has one hella voice and his band can lay it down. He will probably be opening the show followed by Drive By Truckers and headlining the great Tedeschi Trucks Band. Gotta tell you I super excited to see Marcus King, I have this show tomorrow ang have already scored tickets to see him again in August. WOOT WOOT cant wait!! Ohh and I got this bad ass new S9+ unlocked too for video, its so on, stay posted for that!

I am looking forward to the sale next week, I am anxious to get these pieces out and to hear feedback.

On the CE as well, have nailed down the way we are going. There are companies that will help advise you and give assistance in the process. Its alot cheaper this route, rather than $10K will be bout $1500 or so. We have been doing our research to make sure we get what we are paying for rather than loose and not get anywhere. This is a big deal and everything has to be correct and accurate or it doesnt go through. I cant afford to throw this dough away and not get the cert. I know it has taken a long time and still hasnt happened just yet but who wants to just throw money away when you dont have it? Hang in there with me.

@Summer Omgosh I know right, what a way to start out the new year. I am glad to see you stop by and post up thanks much. Glad you like the Thuya, hope you like the pieces I just posted above also. Hahah @phattpiggie is the best, I sent him a red, white and blue happy, hope hes enjoying it and will let us know how he rocks em lol. Thanks for the link tip too.

@Ramahs Hahaha youre hella funny bro, that is a beautiful piece, I have got to turn a few more of those for the sale also. I believe I have time. Glad you got your repaired unit back and in hand. A wifi plug, you have me thinking of these again for shop purposes that and my signal strength and speed is much better here than what I had, very cool thanks for that. Bro to quote MKB "Aint nothing wrong with that" you can run it there if you like, as you said it will shorten the life span eventually but they are built really well anyhow. As you know it reaches temps so quick so is always a good idea to dial it back a bit when done and rev it up just before your ready to reup.

@little maggie thanks so much for the congrats, I appreciate you.

@AcidRapper Hello, hmm I dont have any of that info for you. I have run mine with the oilcup at about 8 and had it work well there. Wow I am happy to hear how much you are enjoying it and the inspiration it has given you to do what I love. I gotta warn you, it can be a sickness, you may find yourself working it day and night, hoarding pieces under the bed, your closet may smell like a swamp at times, and most of all your bank account is going to take some serious hits. LOL if you think you want to throw money at me now just wait til you get into working wood, it never ends you get an idea and gotta try it or you cant sleep at night, if you dont have the tools to make the idea happen then you are throwing money at it. Sometimes it doesnt work out like you thought and you threw that money away but you learned something. Bro I wish you well and if there is ever anything I can help you with pls let me know. I may know I may not but never hurts to ask.

@LesPlenty Hey hey, thanks for reading your way through this one, I appreciate the time you put in. If you wanna know more, I hadnt been over to the vape accessories area in a bit but was there for a quick post up last night. I started out there years ago and still making stems now but there is I think 185 pages of all the happenings from way way back. I sure could make you a WS from that Huon Pine if you like and wouldnt mind doing so. In fact I am talking with a guy bout doing one in stone sometime, thatd be fun, will see right. The LED inside never went to production as I hadnt had time to perfect it or lessen the time it took to make it happen. Thats going to take some more time. I see the vvps you posted, I actually have tried the 3rd one down, worked but got rather hot. On that note I have been working with a boost board and have found just the right one to handle the WS needs. I have some ideas about what I wanna see when its all said and done and am not there just yet. Got some new machinery I want to purchase that would make this a super piece as an option for users. Pls let me know what you come up with and what works for you.

Thats it yall, next time back I will have the dates for the sale posted. Til then I will be giving it hell but taking time out for an epic showing!

@KidFated. Hahah you killing me! Oh you rolling full steam aint ya. So sad to hear you lost that piece bro, such a bummer man am sorry to hear this.
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