DIH-005: The "Russian Doll" DIY Dynavap Induction Heater



I normally frequent /r/vaporents and /r/dynavap. But I felt the need to share this with my fellow stoner-engineers that lurk on FC.

Model DIH-005. The "Russian doll" Portable Dynavap Induction Heater.

Images and design notes: Imgur album

: The purpose of this project is to create a design for a Dynavap Induction Heater that fit inside of a plastic 16oz coffee cup. Additionally, this design allows this Dynavap Induction Heater to be replicated using off-the-shelf parts and commonly available tools.

Design: The design was intended to improve upon DIH-004 (link), which required the use of a custom chassis to align the internal parts correctly. DIH-005 incorporates a "sleeve" design (like a Russian doll) to align internal parts and provide a mounting platform for the induction heater power supply unit.
  • Can be built using off-the-shelf parts and commonly available tools.
  • Portable (battery operated)
  • Stealthy (plastic 16oz coffee cup)
  • Can be used one-handed
  • 3-way toggle switch to run via internal rechargeable batteries; via 12V DC input; or off.
  • 11.1v internal rechargeable battery, constructed from standard 3.7v 18650 lithium cells. Integrated battery management system (BMS) with balanced charging
  • Blue status LED to indicate when running on battery power; green LED on lid lights up when induction heater is active.
  • Sweet-looking momentary push button on cap.
  • (optional) Additional Arduino momentary push button on cap (index finger operation)
  • Move DC 12V input jack and main power switch to cap. Easier build process, easier dis/re-assembly of unit)
  • A little bit of glass tube to pop out on the top, just because I think it looks cool.
Parts List
Miscellaneous parts:
  • Electrical wire
  • Electrical tape
  • 2-pin and 4-pin electrical connector plugs
  • Heat shrink tube
  • Hot glue
  • Sandpaper
  • Tools used: Screwdriver | wire stripper | needle-nose pliers | jigsaw (hacksaw if you don't have one) | dremel/rotary tool | soldering iron | drill | drill bits and spade bits







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Hi my friend!
Great tutorial!

Can you please make close up photos of all the wiring parts?
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