Cool Music to Vape to - Part 2


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I'm still finding it difficult to reconcile the fact we lost John Prine. His music has always been in constant rotation in my house, even when I was young at home with my parents. Crazy as a loon is another fine example of JPs songwriting. If you haven't heard it or aren't familiar with John I highly recommend it.



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For Canada Day, versions of O Canada in eleven different languages.



Total Cows bassline at the beginning. Love it!

My favourite bass sound, that grind! I recently spoke to Dale on Instagram to pick his brains about how he got his sound. Some Cocktail Suggestions is possibly my fave of theirs, tho tbh, the recent remastered vinyl version of Tulip is just fantastic!

What a band.
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one of my favorites when high and sitting on my balcony in the sun (instrumental 21 minutes long)

Abysmal Vapor

Saturnine in my mind
I've been wasting time on this time honoured whore
Till I get so confused I can't see any more
And I have crawled where I should have seen the signs
Dragging my feet when I could have been flying

Abysmal Vapor,
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