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so i have been using my camouflet ss without a ceramic insert and honestly i like it just fine but i'm thinking of picking up either a single bore or quad bore ceramic tube ... anybody use them both and have a preference (including preferring it with no insert)? i know the quad cools more and increases draw resistance ... so what does the single bore really bring to the table?
Got both with mine, and I've found I prefer the single-bore personally.

If you've used an Omni or maybe a Revolve, the single would be close to, but not quite fully-open on either of those. The quad would be closer to about halfway closed on an Omni or fully closed on Revolve.

I'm still figuring out the Convector myself with so many other toys to play with, but with the quad core and the Inductor I had a hard time not combusting.


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Took my Convector camping. Wonderful for a lake and bake or lazy hike, though cooler ambient temps made for some adjustment in technique:


Most of my experience with the Convector has been inside with a torch, so using it primarily outside was a new experience and required some adjustment. Heating was more of a challenge using the color as a guide as it's difficult to see well in full daylight, so I reverted to my older technique of counting. That was a little inconsistent as the ambient temperature really makes a difference in its heating performance.

I think i would have gotten more reliable performance outdoors with the temp variations (and fairly cool avg temps) using the Stainless version, but I brought the Ti version with me. Hopefully both will continue to be made. For me, it will probably be Ti indoors and SS outdoors., but more testing is needed!

Upshot, it's a great vape for the lakeside, and the SS may be the proper outdoor version. ; )
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