Brilliant Cut Grinder


I am assuming if you can purchase the top shelf grinder (bcg), you should have a 2nd grinder already that if you really want to capture kief, your not gonna use the bcg and use the one that has a built in kief catcher? Its not the method or the residuals, im talking about all the effort to do it.
IMHO if someone wants to harvest kief from weed proper thing to do should be getting proper dry-sift screens. Harvesting kief from a grinder (and paying top dollars for what is a 2x2cm screen) imho is aimed at underage cannabis users who can't display proper equipment in their parents house, but still want to play that game.


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I've been reading this thread couple times over while waiting my BCG and I can't remember the last time I was so hyped about something... I've to say that this little grinder is something in between magic and real world. It's just so smooth, compared to my last grinders lift and slx.

Here's my setup:
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Nice Hexagon :tup:.
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