Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2021 Sales


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Happy Thanksgiving to you all.
Lookah Is having a 20% off sitewide for Thanksgiving and Black Friday.
Starts 00:01 (PST), Thursday 25th November 2021 - Ends 23:59 (PST), Saturday 27th November 2021.
Lookah Black Friday Sale

There will also have 30% off some vape bundles and select products
30% Off products
Cool stuff on that site. Thanks for sharing!


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18650Batterystore added Molicels to their BF deals, including the P26A

I was just going to post about their battery sale, BUT, if you are looking for what is considered the BEST 4-bay cylinder charger, on sale for $80. This is NOT a novice charger, but for ADVANCED users only.



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BF25 to save 25% on Zee's Vapor, good spot for some glass.

And here's the BF/CM deal with Cannabox, they have some neat novelty stuff

And Calibear also doing code Caliblack5 for 20% of good spot for glass at US warehouse.

And they are barely promoting it for some reason but 20% code black friday at Mighty Quinn another great glass seller that ships from US.
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