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My two new pups! They are beautiful as always! Vintage Ash and a Bday vape. Thanks again @underdog and @underdogette ! I look forward to many years with them. Time to update my sig. :love::rockon::tup::clap:





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Guess who has two thumbs and just pulled 40 more Birthday Vapes off the test bench?

That's right, it's me! :tup::tup:

Alright it's Saturday night so I'm going to cut out early and call it a short (9hr) work day.

Same as the last couple weeks we'll be taking our semi-weekend Sunday and Monday but will still ship packages Monday. We'll be away from messages and email for the most part during those two days but will try to answer truly urgent ones should we get any.

::edited to add:

Heya @Snappo - I finally got that custom AromaDog done for you, looks like your Olive Dogs but has a solid copper core for max heat transfer efficiency. Works really, really well! :-)




I'm beginning to think you could possibly be right. That all I need to do is practice. Today I was able to achieve my best hit out of my waterpipe, although still not positive this is the case, I definitely medicated myself. I'm going to make sure instead of posting a new post with new results after using different material, that I will just edit this post. Sorry mods! Lol

My first few runs with my UD were similar (pretty recently). After three or four uses I got used to it and now get nice healthy white clouds.

I think my outlets are a bit underpowered. The first time I tried it was with the glass direct draw and the extension cord was being used. I've found that not using the extension and using the nylon stem works best for me.

I've seen people post photos of the AVB after using the nylon stem and it almost looks black. Mine looks brown and dry, so I seem to be getting the perfect temp this way.

YMMV, but try using the nylon stem w/o the extension cord if you haven't. A slow draw helps quite a bit as well. I suspect that after some practice you'll figure out a method that works for you.



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So I said I'd put up a video last week, but what the heck life happens and a week later here's the video I promised.

My Dog is looking great after a few polishings and the grain really stands out now. It's also preforming like a champ and has become my daily driver. I started pairing it with my minitube at first as you can see in the video. One of the things I hope I show in the video is my draw speed. You can see that a slow long draw speed produces a good sized cloud. There was some talk a week or two ago about getting good clouds out of your Dog and I think that this is key, the faster you draw the more heat you pull away.

Anyway, loving my Dog so much that I gave it a new set up.


I have to say that the Orbiter is fantastic! It goes SO well with a Dog. I could rave on, but just enjoy the vid and have a good week. ;)



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Vape of the Month :cool:

We've decided to do a "Vape of the Month" where we'll make a batch of vapes, similar to our Birthday Vape and Holiday Vapes, and offer them at an exclusive price. Full kits, full warranty, all that good stuff. Each month, we'll feature a different wood type and see how it goes. This month is Ambrosia Maple. What do you all think?


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Broke my old school gong stem yesterday that I had my stainless steel tip in so I switched it up last night and made this


Its a stem for the hammer retrofitted to hold the stainless steel tips for the underdog. The tip fits a little better in to the hammer stem because it is slightly wider on the inside than a typical underdog stem. I have some extra silicone that Dave sent me, if anyone is interested I could send out a couple small pieces of it so others can experiment.



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Heya Dogs one of our Underdog community members recently sent me a message letting me know he'd very successfully been using a battery pack with his Dog(s) so I thought I'd share.

This is the pack he's using, it adjusts voltage in .5v increments so should probably work well for most users (12v, 12.5v, 13v). One should just need the pack, some quality batteries (not included) and a cable and should be good to go.

Just figured some others here might want to take their Dogs on the go and wanted to share. Enjoy! :peace:



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Alright, a few new accessories for you. We've added the little silicone connector pieces that you can use to connect the stainless steel stem tips to your glass stems (à la carte or in combo with the stem tips), and different sized high temperature silicone O-rings for use as finger-savers on your glass stems, or as a positive stop/added air seal on your vape's center tube when using glass stems.

View all in Stems & Supplies


Also, here's a teaser for you --- some of the exotic wood types coming up in the next refresh. :brow:


ETA: Almost forgot! The Vape of the Month for November is Sugar Maple:



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wondering if e-nano gongs are compatible with underdog vape?

The last time I came across an E-Nano GonG (a year or so ago) it did not fit and our GonGs do not fit the Nano either. Things might have changed since then though so you might ask some Nano people. To fit the UD the GonG will need to have an inner diameter larger than 3/8".

Hey there Underdogs, hope you all had a nice weekend. We posted up a smallish refresh last night with some exotics and are working on even more in the coming week. Gotta get stocked up for the holiday season and all that. :cool:

Here's a quick peak at some of the exotic Dogs we added last night. Probably 20 or so more coming in the next week too. :peace:





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Sometime last week the promo was 10% for new customer and 5% discount to referral. Maybe I read wrong? Now I notice the promo ,is 10% for referral and store credit(assuming 5%)for new customer. But no worries,I purchased one anyways!!! In a couple days I will be vaping again!!! Many thanks!!

Yes, 10% of the purchase price in store credit for the referrer, and 5% of the purchase price in store credit for the referree. Store credit for both based on the percentages, not discounts. Sorry about the confusion! Please let me know if there's a better way for us to write that to avoid confusion with others. Feedback is always welcome!



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@underdogette referring to the o-rings for the core, please entertain my possibly ridiculous fear of the o-ring off-gassing due to the proximity to the heatcore. just how much heat can an o-ring take?

These o-rings are high-temp silicone, are amongst the highest temp rated available and can be considered inert.. no off-gassing. They're rated for sustained temps of up to 425°F which is beyond what the core of the UD experiences so we're within spec there no problem.

They're also FDA compliant though we don't recommend eating them as they are very chewy and bland in flavor. :cool:



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I missed thanksgiving but I want to join in with snappo and speak real quick about how much I love my dog.

Mine has been plugged in for the better part of 3 years, almost 24/7. I'm home a lot so it only gets unplugged when I'm leaving for more than a day.

Always gives me incredible vapor. Probably shouldn't admit to this in public (especially such a dog loving corner of the internet) but sadly I abuse my dog. Not intentionally but it happens. He falls off my desk and workbench pretty much daily, sometimes on concrete. Hes roughed up a bit and has some scars. But he has never complained or missed a step, always by my side ready to please. And hes still good looking

I don't even have a vvps still.... I can control the temps enough for my preference just by moving the screen.

Maintenance is a breeze, easiest out of all my previous vapes by far. I change my screens a lot since I like them really drag free, so I just keep a little cup with iso for them to soak in.

I'm so happy with it I've pretty much lost interest in this place, I don't check out new vapes very often, and I hardly ever think about acquiring a new one like I use to. Because why would I?

It blows my mind that something so simple can do the job so well when all of these new vapes with all of their features sometimes struggle to do what we are here for, create quality vapor.

My only complaint is that I don't have 5 more. For my workshop, friends and family.

Lets not get started about how efficient it is either... Iv already typed too much

Thanks for the great product Dave, I could go on forever.




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Your Awesome Thanx @underdogette ! that made it possible to pick up the tiny looking Goncalo I've been eyeing since you first posted it. now it will be a new vape Christmas. Makes me Happier then ya know.



This little minidog is just too beautiful, some gorgeous wood and at about the size and shape of a 2oz shot glass it's unbelievably small. My first UD fit in one of those little velvet bags that come with a mflb kit and I thought it was small but this one fits in the little bag that comes with the vapman torch, even smaller than a classic jyarz. I just can't get over how awesome this little pup is although I see a vvps in my future now as this gal runs pretty Hot if shes been turned on for a couple hours. This is one bad ass little work of art, now I see myself collecting miniature Underdogs as now I wanna care for a whole litter of pups.

@underdog + @underdogette Thanx so much for producing such a wonderful quality product backed with such amazing customer care.

and ...
Did I mention how beautiful my miniature Goncalo pup is. Simply Amazing Amazing work Dave. :bowdown:




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Alright, well the pup tired me out a bit too much last night, wasn't able to give a proper opinion, but wow, what a great piece of art.

Someone a few pages back mentioned something about how there can be pleasure in viewing and feeling a nice piece, and I totally agree. I LOVE the way this thing feels in my hand and I just end up rolling it around in my palm. The woodwork is amazing too, granted I'm not familiar with wood really but this thing looks so boss. I don't know if this is unique to the Movingui wood type, but I LOVE the way it shimmers when you bend it in the light. It kind of has tiger stripes or like ridges and when you bend it, that which appears dark lightens and that which is light darkens....pretty sweet looking.

I took some photos of it at different angles to try and give you an idea of what I'm talking about, just using an iPhone so apologies if the quality isn't up to par.







Also, something kind of silly but really added to the personal handcrafted touch, was just the simple "Thx!" handwritten on the instruction note. Idk, I was quite medicated but that really hit the right notes for me while thinking about this piece.

Thoughts on performance:

- Let it run about an hour before I used it. Wasn't worried about chemicals or anything, just happened to take me a while to take a shower and cook up dinner. When I finally got around to using it, the device was warm to the touch, but certainly not hot and it never became uncomfortable in my hand. No off taste either upon usage. Ran it for 6-7 hours, no decrease in quality ever. Would have left it plugged in, roommates consider it a fire hazard though with the cats around, so unplugged when I went to sleep.

- The 14mm GonG stem took some getting used too, but it ~may~ be my favorite now that I've learned to properly play with it. Part of the issue was I initially was using a 2 1/2 ft - 3ft tall bong....that was simply too much surface area to really get a proper hit. I mean I could milk the bong fine, and then clear it, but it just seemed like a lot of additional work. Using that crooked bastard I posted above, I was able to get much "thicker" and condensed hits, while still being cool. I ordered a little 5-6 inch bubbler that I planned on using with the UD, it has yet to arrive though...I suspect it would provide the best results yet as it is the smallest surface area.

- The Nylon stem is SWEET! This was definitely the easiest to "pick up and go" and I like how it delivered such thick hits. My roomate actually has fallen in love with this method, the bong was a little too complex and he doesn't vape often so his draw technique I assume isn't really up to par..consequently he was unimpressed with the bong attachment, but he LOVED using the Nylon stem and was amazed at how little you utilized while still getting such big clouds. Likely will be ordering himself his own stem, and I'll probably invest in a NonG attachment as well as I like those metal tips a lot.

- The "direct draw" method I will likely never be utilizing. For one, I don't know if this is intentional or not, but neither end of my direct draw stem is flush flat, they each are warped and bent....this really isn't an issue, my complaint is that I don't like the way the glass feels on my lips while I'm smoking. I am finding it to get too hot and my lips have this weird feeling after taking hits from it...idk its from the heat or its vapor residue or what, but regardless, I wasn't about it lol. That being said, I may invest in some tubing and just use that stem as a whip attachment.

- Across the board, I was pretty amazed at by how efficient this thing was. I was using really really small bowl packs, as I found that packing both the Nylon and the GonG stem about halfway were providing for optimal results (4 FAT hits) and two of those would have me sufficiently medicated. That being said, I was medicating all night when I finally figured out the "optimal" method, so I'll have a more detailed opinion on this later. Tried some hash in it as well, worked out wonderfully :D

I do think my FireFly tastes better, but its somewhat negligibable because I feel I am getting much bigger rips out of the Underdog, while I am only sacrificing a little bit of taste. As of yesterday, the dog is going to be my daily driver, while I'll use the FireFly on the road or while I'm lying in bed. Overall, a great product and couldn't be happier with my purchase ! Looking forward to taking it up to camp for the New Years :p



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Awesome review and beautiful dog!

I ordered a little 5-6 inch bubbler that I planned on using with the UD, it has yet to arrive though...I suspect it would provide the best results yet as it is the smallest surface area.

I use a 10" straight tube like this, and it white walls quite nice.

consequently he was unimpressed with the bong attachment, but he LOVED using the Nylon stem and was amazed at how little you utilized while still getting such big clouds. Likely will be ordering himself his own stem, and I'll probably invest in a NonG attachment as well as I like those metal tips a lot.

The "direct draw" method I will likely never be utilizing.

You can use the metal SS tips in the glass stem also. Plus, the nylon stem should fit into a 14mm downstem easily. And, don't be shy about using the GonG as a direct draw stem also. Mine does double duty for both wet and dry.

Across the board, I was pretty amazed at by how efficient this thing was.

I'm down to about 2g a week and that's without even trying to conserve. And I stay medicated.

Keep the updates and pics coming! Good shit.

My glass with some vapor here.



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Merry Christmas Eve to you all, I figure I would share some more about of the new guy ^_^

I've tried the Nylon stem in the 14mm downstem, works like a charm :D though I've basically perfected being able to milk through the normal GonG, so I"ll probably just continue to use that to dirty it up.

I have noticed a slight decrease in temp after subsequent hits, but nothing too drastic...was just paying pretty close attention as I was using it. Seemed like just a minute or 2 waiting would get him barking loudly again. Also, the first rip after he's been sitting there for a while is always SO fat :p delicious.

My roomates a few years back invested in this attachment, but its kind of impractical for their bigger bong, and they don't utlize the crooked one so I figured I would show this poor guy some love. Ugh, now THAT is vaping. There is so much diffusion that my hits are just inherently "slower" and I'm filling everything up....super smooth.



Note me really repping the love for you guys in my lounging pants!

@darkrom I don't know if you meant like the internal internals, or just simply the top of the core, but I took a few shots for you of that...if it wasn't what you were looking for exactly, sorry ;_;



I took a few more pictures of the woodwork, man this thing really just looks so sweet, haven't fell in love like this for a while :p




Finally guys and girls, what we've all been waiting for, the money shot!


Have a safe and happy holiday everyone!



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I just received a beautiful small underdog. I tried it once and it runs very hot. I've read that some people leave theirs on all the time. Given how hot mine runs, I'm wary of leaving mine on very long because of safety. It would help if I could since the waiting time would be eliminated.
I'm getting a wong for it so that the stem will be cool but it's the ud itself that I'm concerned about.

Hi little maggie- Normally, a 4" maple twig should be fine to leave on 24/7, but let's make sure. Is it just hot to the touch? Maple is a pretty dense hardwood, and so will retain heat more so than other woods. How long have you left it on attended? Does it seem to be charring or having a charred smell? Are you using the power supply that we supplied to run with it? (You can post the product number from the power supply and we can verify for you if you want).

Let's just make sure it's all in spec before you leave it unattended. :)



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@Check - Silicone Stems are still available just not as part of the standard kit. We don't offer then as part of the 'kit' anymore because I feel they've been superseded by our Glass and Nylon stem lines. You can find them separately though on the Stem Page here.

I as well would like to know more about the glue, as well does the glue come off easily to disassemble the unit. Any reason to disassemble the unit ?

The only glue used is Elmer's white glue to affix the leather bottom to the wooden body. Glue used to also be used to secure the power plug but that is no longer the case and hasn't been for a year or two. Air path contamination was never an issue as we use a solid stainless steel closed core design which is welded together. The glue for affixing the leather doesn't come off very easily but that should be a moot point as I designed the UD not to come apart once built. They're built extra robust so as to reduce any need for service as much as possible. :peace:

...I think Most of the Underdogs sold now are made of one type of wood. So no glue?

This is correct RUDE BOY, thanks for pointing it out as I didn't think about that when posting my first response. With the exception of a few multi-wood pieces that I found left over from the early UD days and that I am slowly building out and releasing as 'retro' type Dogs all pieces are now solid, single wood species Logs. The multi-wood pieces are glued up with white glue like with the leather bottoms. Again though, sealed core so should be no concerns either way. :cool:

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