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Im an efficiency and economic freak in general with all my expenses, but in the mj dept. Ive been known to be even more stingy.

From my own experience, I went from 7g a week with combusting, to 3.5g vaping with the CRZ. I am now averaging 2.5g with the UD. That's without any effort on my part to conserve and medicating several times a day. There's a lot of variables (mainly the quality of what you put in), but if an efficient powerhouse is what you're looking for, you found it.

that was the main stem that I desired because of the apparent larger hit volumes

With the regular glass stems, I noticed a higher air to vapor ratio than I preferred. The high temp o-rings should fix that issue though. I haven't tried them, but I'd bet a fully loaded stem and one of those o-rings would be monstrous clouds.

I came from the Zap family so I was used to the SS tip. I use the SS tip with the GonG stem and am both a dry and wet daily user. The SS tip allows me to load very small amounts (if you're a combuster, think one-hitter bat loads, but a little less), and get huge clouds. By the time the flavor is gone, the load is spent and a deep chocolate color. 1-2 of those to start, and then I just load and hit as needed through the day/night. Take a hit, set it down, and come back to it as needed. For efficiency and vapor density, I highly suggest either the nylon w/ SS tip, or my favorite, the GonG w/ SS tip (you can remove the SS tip and use a basket screen, or vice versa, so it's very versatile).

If you're new to vaping, try one of each and I dare you to NOT have fun deciding which one is your favorite.

Think I'll be getting one, thanks for the help guys.

Welcome to the pack. I've had mine for a year now. 24/7 except for a few power outages, and it still looks and performs like new. The only urge I have for other vapes, is more Underdogs. :)



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Hey all, so I'm definitely thinking about picking up a VVPS; can anyone recommend me a cheap one I could pick up at like Walmart? Also, remember seeing that a FC member actually designed his own VVPS, with these pretty slick looking lights and clear body, I tried finding them again on here but haven't had much luck.

Speaking of, about the VVPS, I need a DC to DC one correct? And the Wallwart that came with the UD is a DC Power Supply? I only ask because I remembered reading somewhere not to use DC/AC with the Dog, and in my brief search online, I found a lot of DC to AC Power Supplies at Walmart.

Love this thing, very much my daily driver and I'm taking rips throughout the day/evening. My only qualm is that I can't really get a session out of it without having to pause for a while, I can get 2-3 massive tokes out my bubbler, the weed will not even look brown, just slightly toasted. No where near dark enough to throw in my jar. After these hits though, my UD is kind of cool and I have to sit and wait for 5-10 minutes as it heats itself back up.

Its a more defined problem while using water, I really only need a minute or two of wait time while using the stem. But I felt waiting was certainly needed to get the temp back up; I took my Dog up to camp for the New Year and being a good sport packed everyone their own stem and passed the dog around the table. I could really only get through like 2 stems being directly drawing from it without having to wait for a few minutes.

So that's basically why I want the VVPS, would be nice to just crank it up a bit before I start my session, finish an entire stem with minimal downtime, and then lower the temp to keep it cooler. Its not really like the 5-10 minutes is awful, just more of an inconvenience, I've been doing a lot of mid session pooping and dish washing to burn the time :p

Oh btw, everyone at camp thought the Underdog was like the sickest and sleekest little machine they ever saw. They aren't really familiar with Log Vapes, but everyone loved it and it was getting rave reviews for how high we were getting. My compadre actually greened out at like 6 o clock for an hour or so after he did his stem :lol: this is a daily smoker, so the line was drawn pretty early that you gotta respect the dog if you want him to love you :D Overall it was a killer time.

Hey HWS- Here are two that customers are using successfully (you'll need a tattoo VVPS cord to go with the tattoo one, or a lab style cord for the TekPower): Cheap Ebay VVPS and slightly less cheap TekPower on Amazon.

The Underdog can use DC or AC power. It was the VVPS we were making that used DC input only from a wall wart.

Oh, and ETA: Of course, the members here making the VVPS units are Centizen and Voltage Keeper.



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Some Reddit users were curious about what one should expect from voltages, I got this from Dave a long time ago when I ordered some VVPS cords. Figured I also share it here for newcomers.

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