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This is the new Lotus Vaporizer.

The Lotus is a portable vaporizer that uses a jet torch for its heat source.

Its design separates the flame and its fumes from the air you inhale. The air passes through a bowl beneath the heat exchanger( the blue ring), becoming vapor. The vapor is cooled by the aluminum stem as it passes through.

The heat exchanger slides onto the bowl and is held there with magnets.

Heat-up time is about 2 seconds and cool-down time is instantaneous.

The Lotus is made of maple, stainless steel, nickel and hard anodized aluminum. Thanks to the design and construction, there are no metal, plastic or wood flavors in the vapor.

The user adjusts the vaporizing temp by varying his/her inhalation speed and the flame location. A 'hot spot' on the heat exchanger gives visual feedback of the vaporization temperature, shortening the learning curve. This is described in the instruction guide and shown on a video on our web site.

People really love the Lotus; it's portable, easy to use and gives a lot of flavor.

I'm sure you are going to have questions. I'll try to answer them as best I can.

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Max Jitter

Thanks for the welcome. I've been lurking for a while and the posts are usually quite thoughtful. It's a good site with a questionable name.

lwien said:
Now let the questions begin. I'll start. Would you say that there is absolutely no wood, metal or butane taste when using this vape? And, is the Lotus manufactured here or offshore?

There is no wood, metal or butane taste with the Lotus.
1 The air that goes past the wood is at room temperature.
2 I've had a lab test for nickel fumes (thin plate on top) and they are a small percentage of what is in normal air.
3 The inhalation air is drawn thru the little holes on the bottom of the heat exchanger, away from the flame. The flame fumes also go up because they are hot and low density.

The Lotus was designed here and will be built here. I'd like to see manufacturing return to the US, not leave.

NYC Vape asked:
Can you contrast your product vs. the VaporGenie?

The Vaporgenie and a lot of other torch powered vapes suck in the butane fumes along with the inhalation air. My objective in designing the Lotus was that there were to be no butane fumes inhaled. The original name of the Lotus was the Lotus Clean Air Vaporizer, but it was too long a name.

Lighters: The Lotus has to be used with a goose neck torch type lighter.
A Bic type lighter doesn't produce enough heat and when the flame hits the 'hot plate', it just dumps a bunch of soot on it.
The standard straight torch lighters don't work for very long when they are flipped upside down or past horizontal.
You could roll the Lotus on its side and use a straight torch lighter but then you only see the top with one eye and you lose depth perception.

pakalolo said:
Definitely portable, stealthy not so much. That's a comment not a criticism.

You're right. The Lotus comes in 2 stem lengths, 5 1/2" & 6 1/2", but it's definitely not as stealthy as the LB. I didn't want anyone to be worried about singing his/her nose with the torch.

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Max Jitter

Jacopone said:
I am a regular user of the Vapman for my needs on the go and as such I am really interested if you could elaborate on what are the main advantages and or disadvantages of one versus the other.

Neither sucks in butane/flame fumes, using different methods.
The Vapman is smaller
The Lotus uses convection to heat the herb. It seems that the Vapman has the herb on the same plate that is being heated. That would give you conduction heating, which isn't as even in heating the herb as convection.
The Lotus can be cleaned by putting the bowl/stem in alcohol.
The aluminum stem of the Lotus cools the vapor.
The Lotus is used more like a traditional pipe.
The Vapman uses a copper heating plate vs a nickel plate on the Lotus. Copper oxidizes at a lower temp than nickel. Have you seen any signs of oxidation?
We'll have to wait until someone has tested them head to head to get a real comparison.

max wrote:
You get partially burned carbon (soot) with a regular lighter, which is the preferred type for these models, vs. a torch.

I vote for no soot or flame fumes. There is probably a difference in the taste.

stinkmeaner wrote:
I noticed the center of the flower on the heat exchanger is quite dark, does this come off or is the metal discolored from the heat?

The metal gets discolored the first time it is heated and stays that way. Every spot that was red becomes dark blue.
I will be offering replacement plates, but it wouldn't be worth it unless the old plate was punctured or badly dented.

A model that fits a standard bong stem will be offered in the future but right now I'm flapping my wings as hard as I can to get this model off the ground.

vumeister wrote:
It just seems like I can shimmy something like this for 20 bucks with similar materials. Perhaps it's the simplicity.

Its easy to make something complex. Its harder to make it simple. This is the 12th model I've made and I have a patent pending on it.

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The Vapor Gods smiled down upon me and through miracle timing I'm able to share some first impressions. Happy Turkey day to all my Canadian brothers and sisters!

Nice weight to it. Body - 74g, top - 20g. Good fit and finish, must be that good ol' American labour.

Following the directions I got a big hit right off the bat and a lot faster than I expected. In fact there was a very small amount of scorching, top center. That was all it took though, smooth cooking from there on. Sometimes you have to take a flame powered vape to the brink to get a feel, anyway. I don't want to give the impression that this is difficult to hit either, just REALLY fast. If you can hit a Vaporgenie, this thing is a cakewalk.

The design is smart and provides great wind resistance, an area some similar flame-powered-portables flatline. Fucking magnets, how do they work? Very well, much faster and easier than a screw on top. Thumbs up on that. Along with having a nice heft, the aluminum body cools the vapor more than a wooden body would. Being able to soak in iso is nice, too.

Seems easier to get an even cook with smaller bowls and yes, it does work well with small amounts-- don't even need to fully cover the screen. A full bowl works fine, too, just need to stir it more often to get an even cook. Seems like almost 100% convection.

So far I'm really digging this thing and think I'll be be reaching for it as my portable for a while. It's not as stealthy as say a Launchbox but it hits harder and, can you believe it, faster. Better yet, I'll bring both. It's also fun to use and feels as close to smoking a pipe as any vape I've used. I think that anyone who's used a direct draw vape will get the hang of draw speed and heat application and develop their own technique with this quickly. Cold start to clouds in 2 seconds. I like that.

For the manufacturer:

  1. Can you expand on how the heat exchanger/air path works? Are there unseen fins, etc., or does the air simply travel in through 6 holes in the wood and hit the other side of the nickel plate being torched before being redirected through the 13 small holes and through the herb.
  2. What type of paint (and sealer for the unpainted) are you using?
  3. Thank you for having lab tests done, can you post them for all the budding scientists?
  4. Thanks for making a great portable! :tup:

pakalolo said:
How quickly does the stuff build up in the Lotus?
I didn't rip out the screen but the hole under the screen looks to be about 5mm in diamater and continue throughout the body. and the draw is very easy without the top on. Probably take a couple ounces vaped before airflow was significantly reduced.

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Max Jitter

vtac said:
For the manufacturer:

  1. Can you expand on how the heat exchanger/air path works? Are there unseen fins, etc., or does the air simply travel in through 6 holes in the wood and hit the other side of the nickel plate being torched before being redirected through the 13 small holes and through the herb.[/*]
  2. What type of paint (and sealer for the unpainted) are you using?[/*]
  3. Thank you for having lab tests done, can you post them for all the budding scientists?[/*]
  4. Thanks for making a great portable! :tup:[/*]


2) Presently I am using alkyd paint (standard oil based paint) for the colors and Miniwax Polycrylic for the clear.
3) The lab test results and the test protocol will be published on the website soon.
4) You're welcome. Glad you're enjoying it.

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Jacopone said:
Do you think you could vaporize hash or other concentrates with the Lotus?
You'd want to break the hash up to expose maximum surface area to the hot air. Same as any other convection vape really.

stinkmeaner said:
It was mentioned that you couldn't hit like a regular pipe and the draw had to be slower...
Newbies to vaping often draw as hard as they can, I think this was directed at them. I've found that I need to inhale harder as soon as I see the red spot while heating to prevent the air from getting too hot. I'd say the draw resistance is similar to a Launchbox.

stinkmeaner said:
How is the cool down, can you put it in a pocket after a moment?
The plate is thin so it cools down quickly. I can touch the middle of the plate after ~10 seconds.

AGBeer said:
How much would you say is the 'optimal' load to get decent hits with little to no chance of combustion?
The more herb in the bowl, the closer it is to the heat source so you have to give it slightly less heat by inhaling faster/less torching, etc. I wouldn't say there's an "optimal" load, but one half to one scoop as outlined in the instructions seems like a good amount for beginners. Neat little scoop btw.

AGBeer said:
Max is saying that the bowl is vaped in one go round well, how much is one go round? I get several hits out of my zap (one stem) and I get several hits out of my VG as well. But its 2 different amounts of herb.
Pretty subjective, too many factors to consider but I'd say it's similar to a VG in this regard. I stir between hits.

AGBeer said:
Would you say the diameter and depth of the bowlsize are comparable to the VG?
The bowl is approximately 6mm deep (screen is bowed) and 13mm in diameter.

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Max Jitter

rusty said:
I am concerned about the use of nickel in the heating plate. I would prefer more inert material.

I was concerned too. That's why I had it tested.
Here are the test conditions:

Target Temperature, TC1    Actual Temperature                   Time of Test
400F                         390 - 425F                          10 minutes
450F                         450-465F                            5 minutes

Orange hot spot on vaporizer    3/16" diameter minimum,    5 x 10 sec, 50 sec total
625F maximum observed temperature
Temp was measured in the middle of the bowl.

The test result, .051 micrograms total for all 3 conditions, will be on soon. The file was too big to upload to the forum.
We breathe in .1-1 micrograms of nickel/day, which is why I am not concerned with a test result of .051 mcg. Notice the extreme test temps (vaporization occurs at 350-375F).
I just ran another test at typical operating conditions instead of the extreme of the above test. I'll post those results when I get them.

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Max Jitter,

Max Jitter

We just got the results back from the test lab for nickel testing under normal vaporizing conditions.

To get double the amount of nickel fumes that are normally breathed in during a day*, you would have to use the Lotus from 700 to 7000 times per day at normal vaporizing temperatures.

We don't recommend that you use it that often.

The lab results will be posted on our website next week.

*According to the CDC the amount of nickel fumes a person breathes in varies from .1 to 1 micrograms per day.

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I've been using the Lotus for only two days now and I think it's time for a first impression review. I wrote down notes as I've been using the Lotus-- so, sorry that this review isn't in any order.

The entire build of the unit feels very nice and sturdy. Sort of heavy, which I like. The 6.5" stem is very long, but necessary to easily see the red hot spot. The vapor cap and magnets hold together very well, and stay together even when dropped.

The red hot spot is one of the best features of this unit. With a VG or Supreme, you have either no way of telling the temperature of your air.. or a timely digital thermometer. After a few sessions with the Lotus, you'll be subconsciously creating a perfect red hot spot. The discoloration of the nickel plate is sort of annoying, but only visual-- no soot is left behind.

The pull or drag of the unit is most comparable to an MFLB packed to the brim. Although, it is very easy to start pulling slower/faster to change your vapor-to-air ratio.

The anodized stem is very easy to hold. It also cools down the vapor verrrry quickly. This can be annoying when you're in the learning stage, because burning is easier when you can't feel the vapor getting hotter. The stem gets comfortably hot after 3-4 bowls.

The vapor cap, as shown before, has 6 large intake holes and 13 small output holes. I feel that the 13 inner holes create some sort of even air dispersing effect.. even when I have my flame on the left side of the nickel plate.. the entire bowl gets evenly heated.

This vaporizer also has a verrrrry good taste. I've owned a Zap and had the pleasure of having tasty hit, after hit. This vaporizer has a similar, if not exact ability. Although, you'll also be able to taste those higher temperature hits.. which some may not prefer.

Some people said stirring is necessary but I disagree. I guess most of you were packing your bowls with more herb than I am.. I just sprinkle one scoop, or enough to cover the entire screen.. then put a bit of kief atop of everything. I get 5-6 good hits from this, with out stirring. If you decide to pack a large bowl, stirring would be necessary though.

The nickel plate is comparable to the Supreme in that you heat up the plate, and then inhale. For those of you VG owners.. you know you always had to inhale an entire lung and a half until you start getting vapor. With this.. You heat up until you see red spot, start inhaling, then remove flame when you're done with hit.

It's different from the Supreme in that the nickel plate cools down, and stops vaporization immediately. You can touch the hot plate/place in pocket after about 12 seconds.

The torch lighter they provide you with is very nice but it needs a larger tank.

I'll post other things as they come about and answer questions, but over all I am loving this little sucker!!!

-Vaked Spacenstein

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Max Jitter

Spacenstein said:
I asked about screens because my screens somehow have large tears in them.. I've been using other screens with the lotus since I had to replace the first.

Also, another thing that's become apparent to me.. The vapor cap becomes very gunked up after a lot of use.. A quick scraping removes most of it but some must still be up there, no? :/

I'm also noticing a few burn marks on my vapor cap.. it's right behind where each of the screws is.. I can't smell anything and am getting vaporization but should I expect this to happen over time? I have a few bubbles in the paint on the underside of the vapor cap, too.

Also.. I'd say the taste of the MFLB and the Lotus are similar..

Send us a stamped self-addressed envelope and I'll send you some free screens.
Vapor Cap
Try cleaning the vapor cap with a q-tip soaked in iso. Be gentle around the diffusion plate with the holes in it as it's thin metal. There is a small gap between the inner sleeve and the diffusion plate where stuff may have fallen. You won't be able to access behind there and I wouldn't recommend trying.
Burn Marks
The burn marks surprise me. We haven't seen that before. There are several things that could be happening:
1) Angle of the flame to the hot plate - The flame should be almost perpendicular to the hot plate, not glancing off it a shallow angle.
2)Circling the flame - The flame should be aimed and moved in a circle that is smaller than the ring described by the indentation in the center of the hot plate. I've seen some people move the flame in a circle that is aimed at the middle of the radial lines that are on the vapor cap. I suspect that is what is happening.
Tell me if this helps.
You shouldn't be breathing in any paint fumes for the same reason that you aren't breathing in butane fumes, but no one wants to break their toys/tools.
The paint is alkyd, soon to be transitioned to acrylic.

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Max Jitter,


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Talk about fast shipping. Well to complete surprise (was not expecting to get it this week) I got my lotus today.

I just did my first bowl through it and the taste is really great. Gonna have a second go at it, and then test it with the water pipe. Ill try and get some pictures up asap :)


After my second bowl with the lotus I got a better hang for it. I did heat it up a bit hotter (wasnt as green more brown) and I also added more in this time. I previously used about half a scoop and this time I used a full scoop. I like the feel for the half scoop bowl since you get more flavor, but less hits. If you dont mind filling the bowl more frequently I would say go with less as you get more flavor hits :)

Taste is pretty on par with the MFLB, but a step up from it. I feel like since I finish a bowl much quicker with this then I would a MFLB, I get up getting the flavor at once, and no prolonging it as a bowl with the MFLB tends to take a while for me. To me, thats the downside of the MFLB, the flavor is never that fresh.

Time for the water pipe test!

*EDIT 2*

Loaded another up for the water pipe adapter and wow... worked just as you would think it would. It was almost easier to use since I was able to watch my pipe fill with vapor and had perfect visibility of where my torch was hitting. Great adapter, very handy if you have a water pipe I would recommend buying. Also, I thought it would be too hot to touch, but I could pick up up to empty a few seconds after it was finished.

Bowl 4 I went all out, I added a bedding material then placed a drop of BHO on top and hit it through the pipe. WOW! Worked perfect, now my next test will have to be some other harder hash. Gonna have to wait til later as these 4 bowls have wrecked me. Didnt even finish this last one, and it still looks like it wasnt even hit.

*EDIT 3*

Just tried another hit of the BHO, I thought it wasn't really going and then when I stopped hitting it and went to exhale I started choking on the amount of vapor I had. I exhaled a huge milky white hit. Pretty impressed so far. A bit high on the price end but still happy with the purchase.

Also, just to mention if someone gets that little stir rod thing and they want to use a water pipe attachment. I don't think it would work on a recessed joint. Just saving someone the troubles of buying it and it not working.

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Max Jitter

biojuggernaut said:
Im not quite sure if I have the correct grind quality of the herb has only some of the bowl is brown. Also should the bowl plate change colors and stuff. I thought it was always gonna look so nice and pretty.
Be sure to move the lighter and hot spot in a little circle to get an even vaporization. You'll probably have to stir the material too to get it all vaporized.
The hot plate turns blue when it gets heated. It's happens because of the hot spot. Some people like the pattern.

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Max Jitter,


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I've had mine for a few days now. I will say that this vaporizer packs a punch. When I first got it I combusted and then each session later I got better at hitting it. Now, I am getting pure vapor most of the time. words of advice: take a hardy inhale. This is not the MFLB. This vape was designed to be hit hard and if you do you'll get dense vapor. If you don't, you'll combust. Copy spacesteins video where he puts a solid nug into the bowl and you will be L-I-T my friends. I find I can get 4 or 5 hits off one bowl using this method.

The main thing that concerns me is how intense the high is with each vaporizer I use. This thing rings my bell. The bowl is tiny so I run through about 3 bowls per session. It's not as powerful as my Supreme or VHW, but it can hang. I find myself getting shockingly high with this little pipe.

also, as others have said don't overload the bowl. No more than half, ever. Every time I go over I combust.

as far as taste goes, I could see how the taste could be good. The problem is that this vaporizer has a screen that clogs every few sessions. I for one don't own a vape that I have to clean regularly. So this is something new. I suppose you can replace the screen or soak the pipe in alcohol? I am way too lazy to soak anything more than once a month, so what I have been doing is firing the torch right at it. I tried to just vape the material off the screen normally, but it didn't get it. Torching it works pretty well and the path opens up. But this destroys the taste. I expect more maintenance with the lotus than with my other vaporizers.

The taste can also get smokey easily because it is very easy to combust with this pipe. This can be overcome, but you will always need to be conscious of how you hit the lotus. I find myself getting blitzkrieged sitting around perfecting my technique!

I also got the water pipe adaptor with it. This thing works great hooked to a binger because it is designed to be hit hard. Clouds of vapor, kids. Used this way the lotus becomes more of a one-hitter device, imo.

One of the main draws for me was vaping hash on the go. The lotus delivers in this department as well. I was walking down the street blowing DENSE clouds of hash vapor today. It's really pretty awesome.

all in all, I would give it a 4/5 in the vapor potency department. it cost me $179.70 to get it to my door. So, it better produce. This is not the vapor genie and puts many portables to shame. I would recommend it to anyone who is set on getting a portable vaporizer but doesn't really feel like sacrificing vapor density and potency. This luxury will cost you, but it's well worth it. It is understandable however, to be aware of the price and to compare the lotus with price equivalent products. Fortunately for the lotus, it can produce vapor on par with the more expensive vaporizers.


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Max Jitter

30k lb bananas said:
Only problems encountered so far are regarding the bowl: it is small and it gets clogged easily.
We are going to have more open screens on the Lotus very soon, which should get rid of the clogging problem. Anyone who wants the new screens can send us a stamped, self addressed envelope and we will send 2 of them to you as freebies.
Send the envelopes to
Mendocino Therapeutics LLC
PO Box 2799
Ukiah, CA 95482

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Max Jitter,


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Sure Max. I use a regular torch but will get it to about a consistent nickel size hotspot for solid concentrates. It doesn't look much different after a year of doing this than it did after the first week. All (or at least most) of the discoloration happened during the first few uses. I heat to a small eraser head size hot spot and move it around for flowers. My first Lotus (gifted to friend) looks similar to this one after much use. I think it would take some sort of physical trauma to the plate to damage this thing.



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Max Jitter


There is one other change that I forgot to mention:
The red hot spot on the hot plate has been eliminated. The drill now is to heat the hot plate for 2 seconds and then start inhaling instead of waiting for a hot spot.
People that are used to the Lotus haven't had a problem with the change. I'm not sure about newbies.
The change was done to decrease the flexing of the hot plate when heated, which can restrict the air flow thru the Lotus, and to increase the hot plate longevity.

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Max Jitter,

natural farmer

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OK! I 'll do it ataxian style cause I can't bother making big sentences right now!

Purchased 4 Lotus pipes from the manufacturer. Gave me a brave discount as a returning customer!
The package took a long time to show up to Europe.
Customs had it cause it was shipped with the whole amount declared on it!
I forgot to write it in the order notes.
It should be shipped as a gift or replacements under warranty or something.
Most shops from the states do so when they have European orders from past experiences.
Why else would I buy from the states?
The taxes are killing us.
Even if I had write the request in the order notes they could not do that they told me. Bummer!
I don't understand this policy at all but what else could I do?
The taxes where 107€!!!!
Even like that it was overall cheaper than the German shop carrying them so we paid it...
So fellow FCers from Europe, buy 1 pipe at a time if from the manufacturer to avoid customs....
Anyhow be causious...

On the other hand now the Lotus is mind blower!
Can destroy your head fast!
Faster than the Solo maybe!
One hit can send you to the sky.
Amazing taste!
Very cool vapor if the draw is not too hard.
Great build quality.
Will last me a lifetime if not lost.
I am in love with this thing once more.
More than the old model.
Much more uniform herb baking!
Very hard to scorch the botanicals.
I put a silicone e-cig drip tip and it is much smoother on the lips.
I can chew on it too.
No paint on my teeth this way.
Honest lighters rock hard!
Amazing head!!!!
I love it!
Buy it!
No one should regret this investment!
For me it's the ultimate convection portable today.
Who knows tomorrow?

NF approved WITH HONORS!!!

Cheers all!

PS. Now I know why ataxian plays robot! So fast to write so much... :p

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natural farmer,


Tarzan @ KloudSociety
Hey Max I would suggest contacting a glass blower, I know the Collie guy blows up every thread that mentions cheap glass with his ability to do custom orders. Would be great if FC could link you two up.
The j-hook I got was from ioffer and pretty thin. Still the rubber O-rings prevent any damage and I havent seen any chipping:

Anyone considering using the WPA with the new Lotus should look at this image carefully to see the clearance with the poking tool. This was a issue for me and using my hydrator (from Vapor Bros)

I ended up having to buy an angled adapter for my glass. I bought it from this vendor on Artfire


We got some other good macro shots on our full
review done by King.
We dont use affiliate links, and all reviews are opinion and not endorsed.

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natural farmer

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The Lotus amazes me more and more every day!!!
I still haven't been at home to use it through water but dry hitting feels so great that I don't mind few more days of waiting...
The anodized pipe does a great job in cooling the vapor.
I prefer to use a stronger than suggested flame and keep it further after the first 2 sec heat up, just touching the plate with the secondary blue flame... I get better control this way and faster initial vapor production.
I have used it in public a LOT! If you get your style right it looks like smoking a normal tobacco pipe (of the modern stylish variety!!! :D). If stealth is a bigger concern go in that toilet or behind a rock and in a couple of minutes you already have your head spinning thanks to the ginormous hits this beast is capable of!!!
Did I mention the hits can be HUGE? The taste is amazing too!!! Ahhh... :luv:
It puzzles me greatly that people still might pick a VG or Vapman over this...

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natural farmer,
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natural farmer

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Yeap, flame "size" does play a major role as it is the heat source. Bigger flame=more heat=faster vaporization.
With the Lotus you got 3 ways of controlling temperature of vaporization. Flame size, flame distance from the hot plate and finally your draw.
I am finding I don't have a sweet spot myself. By altering all three parameters during the hit depending on the feedback I get from tongue-throat, I manage to get the hits I am after.
You get to get connected to your Lotus more like that. It becomes part of you, you have full control, not just sucking at a mouthpiece... I love my Solo but the level of intimacy I get with this full manual convection beast is making it hard not to grab it first. The Solo better serves my noob vapor friends... Just suck mate... :D

@tiukauleh my friend... Yes, I have the new Lotus now. I like half filling it loosely with coarse grind herbs cause I find it gives better taste, faster vapor production and while stirring it you make less of a mess in the bowl and you get less specs falling out. You sure can fill the bowl and pack it tighter but you will need to pay more attention to the applied heat. Less airflow makes it easier to char the top of the load as is the case with most convection vaporizers.

I just can't get enough of my Lotus. Its utter simplicity just goes hand in hand with my philosophy of life. If I can find a way to power it with the sun or a hot coal from the fire... Perfection!!!

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natural farmer,
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Hey @S1N3 I saw your gif in the cheap bubbler thread and noticed that you hit the Lotus while actively heating it, like a VG. I was under the impression that it was meant to be used like a Vapman, with a preheat only.

I'm curious if you've tried both ways and prefer active heating, and @Max Jitter I'm curious if there are any potential problems with using it this way?

I always hit it while heating it, as per the instructions:
  1. Adjust the lighter flame to a 1/2" (12mm) length. See the video at
  2. Load the bowl loosely with ground material. Rap the stem against a surface to settle the material. Do not tamp it down.
  3. Put the vapor cap on the bowl.
  4. Hold the Lotus to your mouth with the vapor cap facing up. Hold the lit torch almost vertical with the flame tip touching the center of the hot plate.
  5. Count to four slowly and then start to inhale. Inhale slowly enough that if you were going to take a full breath it would take to the count of 10.
  6. Move the flame in a small circle at the center of the hot plate.
  7. Continue inhaling until your lungs are half full. (Clear the bowl of vapor by removing the torch for the last second.)
  8. Remove the Lotus from your mouth and fill your lungs with fresh air to prevent gagging.
  9. Note: The Lotus stops vaporizing as soon as you stop drawing on it.
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natural farmer

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New forum member and new lotus user here. I actually purchased this vape at the beginning of a mini tolerance break and have been admiring it for a week or so now. Last night, I tried it for the first time. On my third attempt at hitting it, I got huge amounts of vapor, thick and tasty. Safe to say, I was creamed! However, after that I couldn't seem to get the technique down again. This might be because I was getting drunker and drunker but I was wondering if some day to day users could post some hints! I've looked through many pages but haven't really found much by the way of tips.

How ground up should the flower be and how packed up should the bowl be? It seems like it should be packed fatter to be closer to the hot plate, but the sheeet says less is more. Is 1/4 '' really the best lighter setting? How long do you preheat the plate and how long does it take for the visual hot spot to appear? I don't really remember ever seeing that hot spot.

Welcome to the forum and the Lotus family! Try a 1/2" to 5/8" flame, a coarse grind is just fine for any convection vaporizer, pack a load from barely covering the screen to a half bowl, lightly packed works better for thicker clouds and 2-3 sec preheat is enough!

Waiting for your second go... ;)

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