wax vaporizer

  1. Jojo_Vivant

    ViVANT VAULT mini-Mini wax/oil vaporizer

    VAULT mini Based on ViVANT VAULT, this is a more sleek, discreet design device for dabbers, THC/CBD oil users, the whole product including atomizer is a palm-sized gadget, and it adapts all your needs of vaping concentrates and oils. Product Features: Stealth Body The VAULT Mini with palm size...
  2. KeroZen

    VapeDynamics CeraWax 510 attachment for concentrates

    KZ's long overdue CeraWax mini-review A while ago I was contacted by VapeDynamics to review their "Duo" vaporizer. That product was very disappointing and likely a market failure, I think it's been discontinued since. But alongside the vape I received that CeraWax 510 atty. I didn't use...
  3. Jojo_Vivant

    What's the best music to get stoned?

    Well, i meant what kind of music you played the most while you start to vape and trying to get high, get meditated, or get stoned? Will you play techno? classic? Yoga melody? dead metal? Hard rock? or just type as below...., let me know your kinky one. Let's start vape and slide! :-$ happy...
  4. Simple10

    Portable enail for your rig?

    My Yocan Torch has bit the dust so I'm looking to replace it with another portable enail that can be used with your own stand-alone glass right out the box. After some research the only thing I found that can do this is the Xvape Vista. I tried using the Source 4 vape mod atomizer with the...
  5. purplegreen

    Vivant Ezenn

    found this on the net Vivant Ezenn
  6. Simple10

    Best dry herb and concentrate combo portable vape

    Hi What's the best portable device(s) for both dry herb and wax i can get for under $250 total? I'm looking for ease of loading/maintenance and good airflow. I was thinking either: Vapedynamics Duo & Source Orb 4 atomizer attachment Or Haze Dual v3 Or if someone knows of 2 separate...
  7. H

    Hex-Nail (HN-01) - RIP

    Our team would like to invite you to pre-order the next big thing in Cannabis technology. The Hex-Nail is not only the first of it's kind, but the new standard for those wanting to see some real bang for your buck. The Hex-Nail is the world's first integrated, app-controlled, touchscreen...
  8. E. A. Ridgill

    Introducing the Linx Hypnos Zero!!

    Hello again FC forum members, My name is Eddie Ridgill, I represent Linx Vapor, a Los Angeles based vaporizer company with a primary focus on concentrate vaporizers. Our newest vaporizer is the Linx Hypnos Zero. This wax vaporizer the same size as the original Linx Hypnos (14 mm diameter x 100...
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