1. PlanetHaze

    AMBIT by Vivant

    Vivants newest Loose Leaf vaporizer is called the AMBIT. Should be releasing later this month. It features full digital temp control from 100C up to 230C which puts it in a small group of vapes able to get that hot which is especially useful for medical patients to extract all the higher temp...
  2. I

    Vivant Ambit VS POTV one

    I've narrowed down my choices to 2 portable vapes, the one and ambit. Which one do you guys recommend? I like the attachments of the POTV one and I like the power and price of the ambit but I have a few questions for both. Are they convection? Do either have pass thru charging? How's the...
  3. A

    Best portable vaporizer for asthma

    Hi, sorry for creating a new thread but there is no thread like this in the forum. Actually there is one but it's about desktop vaporizers. Yesterday i've ordered the arizer air 2 then i've read on reddit that it's more harsher than my vivant alternate so i asked for refund. It's really very...
  4. A

    Xvape Vista Mini vs Vivant Incendio

    So it's come down to these two for me, as far as I can tell. The Mini isn't out yet but I might be able to snag it before the middle of September for vacation. The vivant is out and available so no worries there Not a lot of love for Vivant on r/waxpen over on Reddit. The atomizer seems pretty...
  5. purplegreen

    Vivant Ezenn

    found this on the net Vivant Ezenn
  6. Vivant

    Newest addition to Vivant Product Line-up - Vivant Incendio

    Hello FC Family, We are very excited to announce the latest addition to our Vivant product line up called the Incendio Kit/Tank. THE FIRST AND ONLY QUARTZ HEATING ELEMENT E-NAIL Incendio is an e-Nail Kit that contains the only tank where the heating element and the outside chamber is made of...
  7. Vivant


    Hello FC Family, We are very very excited to unveil our newest project and newest addition to the Vivant product line-up. This unveiling/announcement is exclusively to FC only. We appreciate all of our FC members here who constantly give us feedback, input and support that drives us forward to...
  8. blackbur

    Vivant Alternate Material Safety Issues

    Created a new thread for users to discuss any concerns regarding The alternate. Hopefully we will obtain a full material/chemical listing from the company.
  9. Vivant

    FC Members, We care so please share your ideas and win!

    Grand Prize : One Alternate Full Kit with One Avatar Controls Intelligent Battery Digicharger The Alternate utilizes a heat exchange system. Instead of combusting your loose-leaf products, the alternate uses heated air to vaporize your herbs. This leaves you a clean and smooth draw...
  10. blackbur

    Multi-brand Vivant Alternate

    This vaporizer popped up in my ig explore section. Seems to be a new convection portable. Current price tag is $129.99, pretty decent price. This unit is powered by 1 18650 battery and it can be charged by micro usb. Has anyone bought or tried one yet? Link to the website below...
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