What vaporizers do you use for freezing temperatures outdoors in winter?

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Some vaporizers act pretty different when used in a very cold environment.

Imagine a windy situation at freezing temperatures, like when skiing or on a ski-lift etc. Or in my case standing at bus stop or something like that.

When using the Crafty I could see it performs bader and obviously uses more battery.
The Mighty works fine even at freezing temps. With the capsules, even reloading during a storm is a breeze.
Not sure how it would perform at very low ambient temps though.

The VapCaps are a bit fiddly to heat with a torch when it is windy and not easy to operate with stiff fingers.

Which ones still work fine at windy low temps in your experience?


Great thread.

This has always been a big challenge for vaporists and I'm curious to try a few different options this season.

Obviously torches suck for all the reasons you mention. Performance suffers, but it is also a PIA to have much dexterity with stiff fingers or while gloved. That said, I rarely use my Portside Mini and am curious how it might change my winter Dynavap usage.

I expect my "go-to" device for this winter will likely be my P80. Fucker can put out some heat... I expect it will keep up with COLD just fine when operating, but I do expect less cycles/bowls per battery. I think other high powered 510 based vapes could also be expected to do well in the cold.


Westchester, NY
Definitely a challenge for any electronics in the cold. Batteries drain quicker from being cold in general, plus the added strain of working the heaters harder than normal.

I'm generally pretty active in the cold, and my first full winter vaping so we'll see how it goes. Last week I was outdoors from dark - to - dark in cold, windy, and a lot of times, below freezing conditions. Even had a minor snow dusting. All I had with me was my TinyMight, and it performed flawlessly multiple times a day. Batteries of course drained quicker, so I kept a couple with me, but it didn't skip a beat performance wise.

I did notice that you can't really use vapor production as gauge on whats left in your flower. It's a little harder because you also have the condensation of your normal breath being exhaled as well. There was a couple times I thought I was still extracting but I think I was really only exhaling warm air.
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