1. D

    My dry herb vaporizer (tubo evic) through my bong makes my asthma flare up.. should I be using cannabis in another form?

    I switched from smoking to dry herb vaping about 5 years ago and I thought for a while I was feeling better, even though vaping still made my chest feel tight. I went through so many different vaporizers until I found one that I liked and could get decent cloudy hits from (Swedish company-...
  2. V

    The cheapest online Vape store?

    Need you recommendations!

    Virtual Event: 3rd Annual Cannabis Sciences Virtual Event There is a ≈ 30 minute class with Jahan Marcu on vaping folks should check out. His webinar can be found in the On Demand section.
  4. E

    Coolest temperature vape

    hello, I’ve been smoking for about 7 years and have owned vaporizers on and off. I am a professional singer and I am looking for a vaporizing option that will provide the coolest and least irritating vapor to my throat.
  5. PPN

    Pen Focus Vaporizer

    Hi, I see a new vape pen in the french market, it's called the Focus, 6 t° settings, replacable batteries (18650), ceramic chamber and adjustable airflow...seems rather nice for the price!
  6. Litg3

    First time eating abv, Is this enough?

    Just ate it like 2 mins ago don't really know what to expect, i have some fresh herb so if i don't feel anything in an hour should i just vape that? or should i just wait longer. Did i fuck up the images or can you see them Here they...
  7. W

    Best Vape Subreddits?

    Looking for good vape subreddits other than r/vaporents, find that its very toxic and too focussed on certain vapes!! Is there any other suggestions you guys & girls use?
  8. abbaba

    Tek other herbs extraction for refillable cartiridges

    Hi! does someone know how to make an extraction from other herbs like mint or similar in a form able to fill a refillable cartridge of a vape pen? I think it would be an Amazing idea for when you want to puff like a carbon train but you can't be that high, or wen you have thoatache and you want...
  9. Lucius_Lux

    Airvape Upgrade

    Hi guys! I don't know how many people out there know about this but Airvape has this awesome upgrade program which means you get any of their new models 50% off if you are already the owner of an older airvape model. I just Upgraded to an Airvape X and I'm loving it. Can't wait to see what...
  10. G

    Chest and lung congestion

    Hello I am new here and I had a quick question about congestion in the chest or lungs. I just started using cannabis about a month ago so I'm still learning and experimenting! But I had a question about chest and lung congestion when vaping. I have been using a cartridge vaporizer throughout my...
  11. K

    Is there any scientific evidence that vaping tobacco is less/more harmful?

    Hi, Is there any scientific evidences that vaping tobacco is less harmful than smoking cigs? I mean a whole leaf tobacco, like pipe tobacco, and not e-cigs or e-liquids. If not, does anyone have experience at vaping tobacco, and want to share his insights and conclusions? Thanks.
  12. charliedontsurf

    Vaporizing hops in the volcano

    WOW, that's tasty! Used some left over whole chinook hops from a recent homebrew, broke it up and put it in the volcano. Read up on how hops like really low temps so I set it at about 2 to 2 and a half. I really suggest you all try some low-temp hop vaping because it is like inhaling the most...
  13. M

    What cannabinoids or terpenes am I jeopardizing by vaping at higher temperatures?

    Hello. I've been reading online about vaping temperatures, but I'm a bit confused. I like to vape at 338° Fahrenheit instantly with my Crafty. I don't let it sit or anything. What cannabinoids could I possibly be losing that might get burnt off at that temperature? I hear people like to vape in...
  14. S

    Will vaping help my chest/heart pains?

    Hi, I am an 18 year old male and am new to this and am just looking for some advice and for other peoples thoughts and experiences. I also apologise for lots of writing I just need to get to the bottom of this as i don't want to stop smoking unless this problem will keep occurring when i smoke...
  15. Y

    Need Help Deciding on a Portable Vaporizer!

    I have been doing research on which vaporizer will suit my needs best, which has only served to confuse me more. While this will be the first vaporizer I myself have purchased, I have experience with several (Pax, volcano, MFLB, and a couple others I can't remember the names for). Since doing my...
  16. S

    Upgrading from the MFLB..Crafty?

    Hey FC community New to the forums..spoke to some helpful people last night on the FC chat. Basically ive been a joint/bong smoker for a few years now. I bought the MFLB 2 years back and i got over it a few months in, the continuos change of batteries and vaping techniques etc.. just became a...
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