Will vaping help my chest/heart pains?


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Hi, I am an 18 year old male and am new to this and am just looking for some advice and for other peoples thoughts and experiences. I also apologise for lots of writing I just need to get to the bottom of this as i don't want to stop smoking unless this problem will keep occurring when i smoke.

Over the last the few months I have been experiencing mild chest/heart pains after smoking weed and thought nothing of it, however last week after smoking a bucket (not my usual way of smoking but went through a years stage of mainly smoking buckets and had no problems) I experienced more severe pains which felt like sharp shooting pains and a aching feeling in my chest, my heart rate was a lot faster and I felt dizzy, the dizziness lasted a few minutes however the severe chest pains where on and off for about 6 hours, even when i was sleeping and woke up due to it. After this occurred i went to to hospital the next day and had and ECG test and blood tests, my blood tests suggested i had an underactive thyroid however they were not certain and so am going back for another blood test in a few months; after research i didn't seem to have many symptoms that would suggest this, however my symptoms suggest more towards an overactive thyroid (tiredness, difficulty sleeping, heart palpitations, mild anxiety and struggle putting on weight). Since this i have tried smoking a couple off a joint to be sure if this is was related to weed and my pains got worse about half an hour after smoking and lasted about 6 hours again. Today I went for a slighty more advanced ECG scan and ultrasound and the doctor thinks i have pericarditis which is an inflammation of the heart, treated by Ibropofen to reduce the swelling although needs to be assessed in more detail to be sure.

I have some ideas myself although am no doctor so i could be well off and so am looking for your thoughts and experiences as i believe the doctors are always going to just tell me to stop smoking as i live in the UK which may be what is necessary although if there is anyway around this i am more than happy to try anything that may help.

My theories are as follows:
-Weed in my area could be sprayed(not sure what with) as just previously to the more severe pains i went to amsterdam to smoke and had no problems at all, no mild pains in my chest and this was after feeling mild chest pains after smoking in UK.
- I may have always had an overactive thyroid which can cause palpitations and smoking which i have found can also cause heart palpitations and these have interfered with each other causing it to happen however this does not explain why i have been fine when smoking the last 5 years of my life unless it has developed only recently.
-I also wonder if it is the smoke i am inhaling however am going to try a vape when my pains have completely gone, just didnt want to make matters worse if it is not necessary.

Thanks a lot if you have taken your time to read this, I really appreciate any thoughts you may have.
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First off all, STOP smoking. Not sure what a "bucket" is however, do not smoke anything and no tobacco either. Smoking creates carbon monoxide, benzene and many other bad chemicals that could be exacerbating your condition.

Second, LISTEN to your doctor. I wouldn't experiment with vaping until your condition is sorted out by a professional, period. In fact I would be assembling a wellness team for this. You may need doctors from more than one discipline to sort this out. Your symptoms sound serious, not something to play around with IMHO. Good luck and be well . . . :peace:
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