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  1. Yocantech

    Pen Yocan Regen Vaporizer Pen meets all your on-the-go vaping needs

    The Yocan Regen is a compact and discreet vaporizer pen, sleek in design. Get your true pocket-friendly Yocan Regen vaporizer pen now! Features: 1. Three Voltage Options(3.0V, 3.5v and 4.2V) 2. Two coil options: QTC ( Quartz Tri Coil) & QDC ( Quartz Dual Coil) 3. 1100mAh Battery Capacity...
  2. Yocantech

    Pen Yocan B-smart Vape Pen Style Twist Battery Mod

    Hi Guys, Today, we are going to introduce the Yocan B-SMART Yocan Tech B-smart Vape Pen Style Twist Battery Mod is a universal 510 thread vape battery that is simple yet super-effective in powering a 510 atomizer. It is one of the smallest and slickest portable batteries out now. B-smart...
  3. D

    Building a refillable pod vape out of titanium

    I have been obsessed with this idea about a refillable pod vape for cannabis oil. There are pod vapes but you can't fill it with your own shit. Also, they're always hella expensive and only available in legal states. But imagine this, a vape the thickness of an iphone made of titanium and glass...
  4. R

    Vape Pen Cartridges: do you like them, recommendations... ?

    I have a Storz and Bickel Plenty and a Da Buddha flower desktop vapes. I live in California and with legalization there are lots of vape pen cartridges coming out (and since regulations on testing came into effect July 1st, worrying about what they might contain is less of an issue). Recently...
  5. M

    why does my new dry herb vape smell so bad?

    i bought a randy's troo dry herb vape the other day and every time i use it i always smell this really strong smell coming from it that smells like a really bad fart and it doesn't get my very high and i know it isn't the weed itself. does anyone know how to make that go away or what it is...
  6. H

    Need Help Deciding Between A Medical Quality Vape

    Hey guy's, I've recently applied for my medical card to try and finally get off these pills full-time and in the process do it legally (not condemning anyone who does what they have to do :cool:). In the meantime that I'm waiting for my card, I've been looking at countless vape reviews on...
  7. Aovape

    Aovape Canva - Best Wax Pen

    Hi Everyone, Aovape technology here with an exciting new wax pen we’d like to introduce. Canva uses a modernly designed magnetic connection between the atomizer cover and the base. This design allows you to pull out the atomizer cover and add your wax very easily. Inside the top of the...
  8. Vape-Jack Lee

    Concentrate Vape Pen

    Have anyone try any nice concentrate vape pen? Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  9. Tstat

    Sick of shitty vape pens! Help?

    Ok, in the last year or so I have bought 3 pens. The first was a Persei w/hercules. It was a pain in the ass and always failed at the worst possible times. Plus it's huge and not really a "carry along" vape. I ended up loosing the herc part at a festival and decided not to replace it. I then...
  10. Tstat

    Build or buy a Concentrate pen?

    I have another thread that is kind of asking the same question, but in a different way. I hope that is OK... I need a new pen for vaping shatter while out driving to my various jobs. It will also go to festivals, skiing, camping, etc. I need something with a good battery, dependable, and with...
  11. S

    Best battery for co2 oil cartridges

    New to the FC...I recently got some 500mg co2 oil cartridges, what is the Best battery for them? I've heard they need low voltage to avoid damaging them.
  12. Tstat

    Suggestions for a new vape pen?

    Well, I have had a love/hate relationship with my Persei/Hercules for a while now. I ended up busting the bottom of the Herc twice when it rolled off a table. It was never the same since, even though I replaced the piece twice. Last week I took it to Lockn' Festival and it gave me shit all...
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