1. CicoVaps

    Strange Taste Out of Nowhere

    (ANY INFO WOULD BE GREAT) So I've been vaping for about a year now. And about a week ago I started realizing when I blew the vape out (from Dynavap and others) that the flavor sticks all over the inside of my mouth and it gets a weird taste and lost very long. Another way to put it, it feels as...
  2. 9

    Beginner asks: Splinter Z or Stempod OG

    Hello all, Complete newcomer to dry herb vaping.. Have been smoking for half my life on daily basis and as affordable vaporizers have reached some decency in terms of performance, I've started considering giving vaporizing a go. Please note: I did notice there was already a post about stempod...
  3. J

    What vape is this?

    Hey there! I saw a vaporizer posted cheap online, but was curious if the vaporizer could be identified. From the pictures, it looks like an old extreme q, but I wasn’t sure. Chinese knockoff or just a super old extreme q? Thanks for the help!!
  4. Summer

    Discontinued Splinter Z by RBT

    I asked Ryan last week if it was OK to start a thread for the Splinter Z & he said yes, but I figured I'd wait a bit. Well, thanks to @kuzko posting on the Splinter thread that the Zs are now up for sale, it's time. Here's an informative...
  5. nsfnotthrowingaway

    Any vapes in 2019 with all glass isolated air and vape path

    Hello everyone. I'm new here, hope I posted this in the right place. I tried the search function, but I couldn't find anything recent on the topic. I was hoping to find a vaporizer that has no compromises as far as materials go, and isolating the vapor path from electronics. Convection is...
  6. Litg3

    Edibles on an empty stomach or not.

    Tomorrow will be my third time eating an edible and i was wondering if i should try taking it in the morning on an empty stomach, the other two times i did them i ate a fatty meal around 2 hours before taking it because i read somewhere if you have fat in your stomach the thc can bind to it or...
  7. Litg3

    First time eating abv, Is this enough?

    Just ate it like 2 mins ago don't really know what to expect, i have some fresh herb so if i don't feel anything in an hour should i just vape that? or should i just wait longer. Did i fuck up the images or can you see them Here they...
  8. CanadianFlowers

    How do YOU pour your beer?

    I always pour straight down the middle, knock out all that foam, take a bite of that nice head, never feel bloated or full all night! I get my buddies tho saying like "awwweh dude you f'cked up your beer bro" they just don't understand I guess lol I can drink way more with less carbonation...
  9. T

    Had a Extreme Q need new piece

    Good morning everyone! As the title states I bought an Arizer extreme Q 8 years ago and I loved it. It gave out like 2 years ago. Now that I’m growing my own meds I’d like to grab the best vape to use with my bong. Something that hits hard and lets you taste your meds. I’m looking to spend no...
  10. Phenix


    if I posted in the wrong thread please forgive me. I intent to order a sidecar from Steven with 18mm cut. If I get this adapter;searl|2269399735 in the 18mm to 14mm config am I right that: - the...
  11. Wakano

    Divine Tribe Atomizer + Tesla Stealth Compatibility

    I was looking to make a setup for concentrate use, and with a friend's recommendation I was planning on getting a Divine Tribe V3 Concentrate Atomizer and a 40W Tesla Stealth. I've also been considering an herb vaporizer, and I was wondering if the Divine Tribe G2 Dry Herb was compatible with...
  12. CanadianFlowers

    Dabbing shatter VS Vaporizing herbs

    My friends just made the switch to dabbing honey oil (shatter - phyto extractions) full time when I told him countless times to invest in a quality vape, in my theory vaping is like creating a dab basically by using heat to boil the actives? I know shatter is concentrated but you know what i...
  13. Seek

    Fritted disc - grain size?

    Hello FC, I want to order a custom piece with a fritted disc, but there's only a finer grain size available for it. Does anybody know if that would stil work right? It would be a thicker can so the frit would have 3x more area than the working piece with bigger grain size, but its still a lot...
  14. D

    Struggling to pick a new vape.

    So far it have it down to a crafty, da vinci asent or an arizer air. I don't want to spend more than £160 and these are the so called best coming up within that price range, however I am open to desktop vapes and am looking for one that can get closest to a bong rip if you like or at least has...
  15. TaireS

    Sore throat from vaporizing?

    Hi, everybody! This is my first post... And my first vaporizing experience. My boyfriend and I bought a Magic Flight vaporizer two days ago. We are using it for weed almost exclusively, although we did try it mixed with some thyme yesterday. After this two days, both of us have gotten quite...
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