1. O

    Newbie vaper - Arizer Air / DLX / DLX+ or suggestions?

    Hi all new boy here. Recently quit smoking cigs so need to remove tobacco from my toke life. As a result I'm getting a decent vaporiser. Got £150 ideally but £200 max to spend. Need to be portable as will be using mainly in my man shed or at my mates. I was going to find one with a bong...
  2. Xander66

    First post! How to convince SO to switch to vaping?

    Hello FC, First of all this is my first post so feel free to move it or direct me to answers. I did try searching for this and came up empty even in the Google machine. So, first post, you guys are cool. Thanks for making a nice community. My question is multi faceted but revolves around...
  3. A

    Vaporfi Orbit usage

    Anyone own this dry herb Vape? I just bought it and have always smoked my herb by combusting it but wanted to try this out for my lungs lol I don't know how long a chamber full should last since it doesn't turn to ash like before. When should I dump it? And I see people save the "used" herb to...
  4. TaireS

    Sore throat from vaporizing?

    Hi, everybody! This is my first post... And my first vaporizing experience. My boyfriend and I bought a Magic Flight vaporizer two days ago. We are using it for weed almost exclusively, although we did try it mixed with some thyme yesterday. After this two days, both of us have gotten quite...
  5. M

    How to maximize high from Pax 2 vape?

    1 flower bud + lighter + cheap Gatorade bong + 2 draws = super high. 1 bigger flower bud + 4 piece grinder + fully charged Pax 2 + tamp down with pencil eraser + 10 draws on 2nd heat setting = barely buzzed at all. What should I do to get a stronger high from my Pax? On a related note, I...
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