1. lauri melissa

    Grinders for Arthritic hands.

    Anyone else having problems with turning regular grinders? I have arthritis and it is becoming exceedingly arduous to grind my medicine. What are your thoughts or solutions?
  2. G

    Strange feeling in throaght after vaporizing?

    Hello I have been vaporizing cannabis for a little over 2 years it is my preferred method of consuming. Although every time I vape I get like this thick spit or phlem in the back of my throaght. It feels like a ball of it in my throaght. Everytime I try to swallow it it comes back up shortly...
  3. Archaicrevival

    Vape VS Smoke Medical Studies

    I strongly recommend This Doctor and all of his websites. Source:
  4. Summer

    Online CBD Webcast 8/12/17

    Just rec'd. this email & am posting should anyone be interested. (To the mods: I'm posting here as opposed to under Medical Discussion because it wouldn't get any visibility on the MD thread as the thread doesn't get any traffic. I thought if any members are interested maybe they will...
  5. EverythingsHazy

    CBD Vaporizing

    Hey (Combustion) Fuckers, So I've been looking into CBD to vaporize for health purposes, and was just wondering what experiences you guys have had with vaping THC-free CBD. Also, what is your favorite online CBD vendor (that ships to all 50 states).
  6. Silat

    The Ninth Circuit Just Handed Medical Marijuana Patients a Huge Victory

    A tenuous victory that could be destroyed easily by congress. And what of recreational users?
  7. Archaicrevival

    Fuckcombustion cited in Medical Study

    Check it out! "E-Cigarettes: A Review of New Trends in Cannabis Use" ... "Just as with tobacco smoke, this particulate phase can be harmful to the lungs. Most of these problems can be prevented by performing intensive purification of the BHO (winterization and fine filtration), diluting it...
  8. FR0ST

    Best Portable Vaporizer for Vapor Purity (No off-gassing)

    For the past few months I've done a tonne of lurking and research into what portable vaporizer I want to buy. I'm looking to get into vaporization mainly for medical purposes, mainly CBD concentrates, with the odd bowl of leaf. Most of the time I'll probably be vaping at home, but I'd also like...
  9. nopartofme

    ogo: A Revolutionary Wheelchair

    ogo website
  10. John Lewus

    Life Insurance for Medical users who don't combust?

    This is my first time starting a thread but I could not find any discussion on this. I am frustrated by the fact that my insurance company classifies me as a "smoker" because I vaporize cannabis. My health is the best it has ever been since I started this habit 5 years ago and has...
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