1. HunkaHunkaBucketFuckit

    Alternative Herbs

    I recently just tried Blue Lotus in my Anvil and perfected the correct heat up timing, it tasted tangy/sweet. It made my body feel fuzzy after. Hit was abnormally smooth and flavorful natively (I've shared here before that I can't notice difference in taste with weed) using it through bong took...
  2. Kronos

    Lotus cap question: black and... teal?

    Hi! For the Lotus vaporizer, I mistakenly bought a black cap designed for high temperature, it seems designed for concentrates which I don't use. Can you use the black cap for dry herb anyway? I also ordered another cap of teal color, for which I find zero information on this forum, nor on...
  3. ethiastery

    Hard Hitters

    Hi FCers, Personal account of a heavy user here... I like to get high af all day everyday as it helps immensely with my autoimmune disease. I am also a recovering alcoholic (fifth of bourbon a day for 7 years), so I like to feel my drugs. Haven't had a drink in 3 years to date, mainly because...
  4. Dank Sinatra

    New Air WPA or Lotus?

    Okay so I just broke my Air Stem, and while perusing the interwebs for an Air Water pipe adapter, I decided I kind of want the Lotus (primarily for water). Now im completely satisfied with my Air, but the price for two WPA stems would be almost half as much as the Lotus + WPA. I dont want to...
  5. S

    Lotus vs Underdog vs E- nano

    Hey guys, I need some advice, I've been lurking here for weeks but I finally joined yesterday and this is my first post. I'm looking to transition from smoking to vaping and after doing some research I've narrowed the search down to the Lotus, Underdog, and the e-nano. They all seem to have...
  6. M

    vaping concentrate in the lotus

    Hey guys, thanks to this website and others I've switched almost completely to vaping. I have owned a lotus for about 10 months and love it. I'm wondering if anyone can offer any tips for vaping concentrates(mostly bubble hash or shatter)with it. Placing herb in the bottom of the bowl with...
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